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May 28, 2016

Aljaz Bedene

Paris, France


6-2, 6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How difficult was it with all the court switching and then how hard was it to see at the end?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yeah, wasn't easy because we were preparing to play after the match of Venus Williams, and then Tsonga retired, which was a bit awkward. Then we had to move again and only had 15 minutes to warmup.

It was good fun actually. I was enjoying playing on the biggest court. Obviously it's not easy to play Novak. I honestly felt like he's not giving anything. I had to play well to get games.

He was returning well, so I was under constant pressure, which wasn't easy. But playing some decent ball. I could maybe get a few more games, but, yeah, I mean, I was fighting well. Just I'm pleased with the performance.

Q. So you how much confidence then do you take from this tournament as a whole? You said you came into it not in the best mental shape maybe.
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yeah, I think I found my game now, so it's good to see, especially before Wimbledon. Yeah, I just have to build it up. You know, I guess the confidence is back. Yeah, just work harder. I mean, hard. I'm working hard, but just work hard and improve the things which were not the best.

Obviously when you play someone like Novak you can see where are the weaknesses, so I'm going to work on that. Honestly, once I want to beat those guys. What's the point of playing tennis if you're not there? It's great to play the third round, but I want to do better.

Yeah, I'll go back and work harder.

Q. It's not about the game. Are you going to watch the final of Real Madrid?

Q. It's 1-1 now.
ALJAZ BEDENE: It's 1-All, I saw. Because, I mean, I just went to take the prize money and it was 1-nil; I came back, 1-All. I don't know what happened. I'm nervous now.

Q. What's your schedule now?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Go back home and have a few days off, and then I'll go to Holland, s'Hertogenbosch, on grass, and then hopefully Queen's.

Yeah, we'll see if I get into this one.

Q. Just out at the moment in Queen's?
ALJAZ BEDENE: I'm out, but unfortunately Rafa had to pull out from here and Tsonga as well, so I know they're in in Queen's. We'll see what happens there. Yeah.

Q. How do you feel that you can do on grass? Obviously got to the second round in Wimbledon last year.
ALJAZ BEDENE: I love grass because it's difficult. Just a unique surface. No one is really used to it because we only play like a month on it, but it's a special month. And I love playing in front of home crowd I can say now, at Wimbledon, so that's going to be the big one.

Q. You going to carry on working with ^ Leon ^ Lyon through the grass court season?
ALJAZ BEDENE: Yeah, he's going to help.

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