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May 29, 2016

Andy Murray

Paris, France

A. MURRAY/J. Isner

7-6, 6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What were your thoughts on that one? How do you see it?
ANDY MURRAY: Obviously first set was key. You know, I didn't have any chances, really, in the first set until the tiebreak. A bit lucky on the 6-5 point. He had a great serve; I guessed the right way on his approach shot.

That point was very important, for sure. And then after that I was starting to create a lot more chances on the return games. Most games I felt like I was having opportunities and wasn't giving him any chances on my serve.

So that was positive.

Q. It was raining quite heavily before the umpire actually called for the suspension. Can it be a little bit dangerous when it's that wet?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it can. I had asked to stop a few points before, because, you know, when you're returning his serve you have to be very explosive. Very quick, and if you lose traction on your feet, it's very easy to tweak your groin or something. You're saying we we're trying to finish the game, but I wasn't trying to finish the game. I wanted to stop then, and then obviously it started raining extremely hard just a couple of points later.

So, yeah, I know it's difficult sometimes when the right time to stop is, but, you know, I think on clay courts that the players really need to be the ones that kind of decide that. If they don't feel comfortable then you have to stop, because it's -- you know, it's a surface if you get that wrong you can hurt yourself.

Q. Obviously you're playing a French player now and it's a very special atmosphere. Is this something you're looking forward to or you don't care at all?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't know. To be honest, I'm pumped to be in the quarters of a slam. Obviously the atmosphere will be tough, but, you know, I don't mind that. I played a number of times against French players here in difficult atmospheres and I managed okay.

So I'm sure I'll be fine on whatever day we play, Wednesday or Tuesday, I think.

Q. There have been a few players grumbling about no ranking points in the Olympics. As someone who got 700 or some odd points for your gold medal, what are your thoughts on that change?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't know. I hadn't thought about it much, to be honest. I think the reason I'm playing there is to try and win medals; it's not necessarily for ranking points.

You know, I know how special that week was for me, so that's why I obviously commit to playing the Olympics. I don't understand why some of the players don't want to play.

The ranking points thing, I don't really mind too much. They changed it also with Davis Cup as well. Now there are no points in Davis Cup, which is, you know, fine. You know, there are different reasons for playing tournaments sometimes, and for me, Davis Cup and Olympics, I'm not playing for ranking points.

Q. How hard was it to keep going in that second set? Kept getting those break chances and they weren't coming. I think at one point you came up with something I had never heard you say before. Just absolute turnip. Where did that come from? (Laughter.)
ANDY MURRAY: I don't know. I have said it a lot over the years, whether you've heard it or not. But, yeah, it's frustrating obviously, you know, because when we stopped on the 2-1 game I was starting to get into his service games at the beginning of that set, and then throughout the second set really I felt like I had a number of chances.

And, yeah, you never now how many you're going to get against players like Isner or Karlovic because of the way they serve.

So when they come you know the importance of them, and it's frustrating, obviously, if you don't get them.

But kept hanging there and created enough and managed to take a few.

Q. You have had some memorable matches against Richard over the years. What do you remember from the ones you have played him here?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, once was in the first round on Lenglen. You know, which was pretty, you know, tough first-round match. I managed to sneak through.

And then we played on Chatrier, as well. It was actually raining quite a bit that day when we played. It was very heavy, cold conditions.

And, yeah, I think I lost the first set and I won in four. But, yeah, I didn't get off to the best start that day. Yeah, I don't remember loads about the matches. I played a lot since then. It was quite a long time ago.

Q. John's topped out quite a few times recently in the sort of fourth round or so of Grand Slams. I wonder if a player with his sort of game, service-dominating game, if he could ever breakthrough to get to a semifinal, final of a Grand Slam.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I think so. I think he can, for sure. I mean, you know, sometimes draws open up and you have to be there to take your chances. I know in the past he's maybe been criticized a bit for having a lot of long matches early in slams and maybe being a bit tired by the second week.

But, you know, I do think he's capable, you know, if he stays fit, you know, of having a deep run at a slam. You know, maybe the grass or the clay is better -- grass or the hard is better for him, better surfaces for him.

There's no reason why he can't, in my opinion.

Q. You produced five big first serves on the five breakpoints he had today. How important is it to serve so well against someone when he's serving so well and putting pressure on you?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I mean, I got the aces as well on those points, on the break point at the -- two of the break points in the last couple of games I got a couple of aces, maybe served another one, as well.

So I think it's obviously important to serve well, but I think you also -- you know, I can do a little bit there if I'm serving that well on the break points, I need to find a way of sort of serving like that all of the time, not just kind of when you're behind serving well where you've done is a positive thing, for sure.

But I got myself in some difficult situations in the last couple of service games just through -- I think I missed like eight first serves in a row in that last game, so can do a bit better there.

Q. You have had two matches against the big servers. You talked about how they would be short points. Do you feel like that's given you some breathing space to get over the after-effects of the first two five-setters?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I think so. I feel fine now. The matches weren't physically draining. Mentally they can be challenging because some of the reasons I explained about getting few chances. You know, there are a lot of points that feel very important against Ivo and against John, but physically feel fine.

But, yeah, between now and, you know, the end of the tournament, it's completely different matches. You know, a lot more rhythm, longer points, you know, more physical matches.

So I'll need to change the way I'm playing a little bit and make some adjustments for those matches.

Q. Back on the conditions today, do you think they were, in a way, in your favor, in that maybe the cold and damp conditions counted against John for his serve? And Raonic lost in straight sets today, as well.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, the conditions were certainly slower, and that would benefit me against someone that serves, you know, as well as John, for sure, yeah.

I mean, you know, I think when we came back out after the rain delay, you know, the balls were getting heavy very quick. You know, the beginning of the match it was fairly slow because there hadn't been any rain during the day; the balls weren't getting that heavy when we were going to the back of the courts and the covers.

When we came back out the balls were extremely slow, so I was able to return a lot more serves, get a lot more in the service games, extend the rallies, and that's where I was able to dictate most of the points.

Conditions favored me, for sure.

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