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June 5, 2016

Tyronn Lue

Oakland, California: Game Two

Warriors 110, Cavaliers 77

Q. It seems to me that Golden State had all the answers to your adjustments tonight. You guys are not really looking like a team that played a good stretch to get here to the NBA Finals. What happened out there tonight?
COACH LUE: Well, tonight I thought we had a great first quarter, but they were still making the tougher plays. I thought they got to all the 50-50 balls. They were tougher than us and more aggressive.

I mean, holding them to 19 points in the first quarter was really good for us, but I just thought over the course of the night they just continued to make the tougher plays.

Q. Are you satisfied with the way your guys played, like the level of energy that you showed tonight here?
COACH LUE: I'm not satisfied with losing. I mean, I don't know what you're trying to say, but I'm not satisfied with the loss. We have to play better, and we know that.

They did what they're supposed to do. They won two games at home. This game got away from us, but we've got to get back home and do the same.

Q. Now you guys are down 0-2. How important is it for you guys to take care of the business at home?
COACH LUE: Oh, it's very important. We know going back home we have to play better, and I'm sure we will play better.

And they did what they were supposed to do. They came out, they played well their first two games at home, and we expected them to play well. So now we've got to go home and play well as well.

Q. When you're in Toronto, you talked about hitting them first and not being the ones to be hit second. Was that a problem today? Is that something you need to do going forward?
COACH LUE: I thought early we did hit first. I just thought when they went to the small lineup, their small lineup was a lot faster than what ours was. Being faster and being longer and athletic gave us some trouble. It gave us some problems.

So we've got to try to figure that lineup out, and we'll be fine. But I thought we came out with the right intentions. We had a chance to make some plays in transition. We turned the ball over, fumbled the ball and didn't convert when we needed to convert.

Q. The first two games really haven't been close. Do you feel like the guys are either surprised or bewildered by how good or how quick the Warriors have turned out to be?
COACH LUE: I think we're surprised the way they won, yes, but that's what the Playoffs are about. They took care of home court. We know we're going home. We have to play better. The guys are not discouraged. More pissed than anything.

But we've got to be tougher. That's the main thing for us. We've got to be tougher, got to play more physical, and then live with the results.

Q. Losing the first two by almost a combined 50, losing seven in a row, is there a mental hurdle that you guys need to get past in beating the Warriors?
COACH LUE: I don't see a mental hurdle. I just think we know we've got to play better. It isn't anything mental. We've just got to play harder, play better, and we'll be fine.

Q. Will it be difficult to get past these two games? You've got three days to do it.
COACH LUE: No, these two games are over. We've got to go back home, get better, continue to work on what we need to get better at, and we've got to roll the ball out and play Wednesday.

Q. Can you give us an update on Kevin Love and how it would impact the series if he's not available for Game 3?
COACH LUE: Well, losing one of our top three players is always going to be a big impact. But right now he's in a concussion protocol, and right now he's just day-to-day.

Q. Who would be his most likely replacement if he's not able to start in Game 3?
COACH LUE: Not sure yet.

Q. With Kevin, when you saw him go down and then he came over to the bench and even going into halftime, do you try to communicate with him, how was he doing, and just the decision to let him try to go out for the third quarter there?
COACH LUE: I didn't even know what happened, but at halftime he showed no symptoms. He didn't talk about it. Then when we came back out in the third quarter, I could see in a timeout he looked kind of woozy. He went back on the floor for a second, and then we had to get him off the floor.

Q. What do you think your team has to do to come back in the series?
COACH LUE: I think we have to take care of the basketball, not turn the ball over. In transition when you have a chance to convert and get easy baskets, we have to take advantage of that, especially against a team who has a great half-court defensive team. So we have to take advantage of that in transition of getting out in the open court. We've also got to make tougher plays, the 50-50 balls, being physical, and being on those guys' body.

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