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June 4, 2016

Megan Betsa

Aidan Falk

Carol Hutchins

Sierra Romero

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma - 7, Michigan - 5

CAROL HUTCHINS: Well, congrats to Oklahoma, and they came out and they were on their game. They had a great game plan. They attacked us, and they put us on our heels. I was disappointed. I did not think we were ready to play, and I didn't think our approach was good from the get-go, and as the game went on, we got a little bit better. But the name of the game is we out-hit them, but they got key hits, timely hits and a lot of free bases, and I never thought we played well as a team. We looked like we played a little bit individual around the edges. You're not going to beat a great team like Oklahoma, and they are a very good team.

We have our work cut out for us, and we're in a really tough situation, so we really need to go home, so if you could hurry up and ask the questions, we need to get out of here.

Q. Hutch, you talked about coming out the way they did. Is there anything you can attribute to that?
CAROL HUTCHINS: I think they were really excited about the opportunity to play, and I don't think they were focused on us.

Q. Sierra, is that something you noticed, as well, through the game, or how would you respond to that?
SIERRA ROMERO: I just think we took a little while to get going, and they got the first punch in, and we should have just tried to come out a little bit better.

Q. Megan, there was I guess kind of comparable to last year, your second game in the World Series after a complete game shutout, did that creep into your mind at all?
MEGAN BETSA: No, I'm pretty sure last year I didn't make it past the first inning in the second game, so I did a better job, but I didn't have my best stuff, and we never really recovered from that first inning, and that was my bad. I didn't come out and have my best stuff, and I should have.

Q. After going yesterday with so many pitches, how did you feel today in your back?
MEGAN BETSA: Felt fine. I was a little tight, but it's something I can work through.

Q. Hutch, you said you didn't think the team was ready to play. Why is that?
CAROL HUTCHINS: Honestly I think we were a little focused on Oklahoma.

Q. In what sense?
CAROL HUTCHINS: I think we were focused on them, and we focus on Michigan. That's when we're good. I think we were focused on them. That's what it appeared from the dugout, so it's on me.

Q. Aidan, can you talk about what type of pitch you were looking for when you hit that two-run homer there?
AIDAN FALK: I was just looking for a strike, and I had Hutch in my head saying, see the ball, so I saw the ball.

Q. Would you say that homer gave your team a spark?
AIDAN FALK: Yeah, we needed something to get us going, so that did the job.

Q. Hutch, do you think Megan goes tomorrow?
CAROL HUTCHINS: You know what, I'm just going to deal with this team right now, and we'll recover from that and we'll see. I'm sure we're going to need everybody tomorrow.

Q. After the strikeouts early in the game, did you think you guys were more aggressive at the plate later in the game?
CAROL HUTCHINS: I thought we took four called third strikes, and some were really big. I thought we needed to swing. The game plan was to swing, and we took a lot of the pitches that we needed to swing at. I thought we could be better, and we took some good cuts. We had some -- we hit the ball well at times, but we also were timid at times, and you can't take a pitch off in a game like this.

Q. This is a 12-hour turnaround. How daunting is this task ahead of you?
SIERRA ROMERO: I mean, we've just got to get home, get some sleep. We're not out of it yet, so it's just a game.

AIDAN FALK: I think we just need some sleep, and today is done. Tomorrow is a new day.

MEGAN BETSA: We just need to come out tomorrow and attack from the first pitch, and you can never count us out. We have fight in us as you saw from the last inning, and we need to use that tomorrow.

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