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June 4, 2016

Katie Browne

Lu Harris-Champer

Alex Hugo

Chelsea Wilkinson

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Auburn - 4, Georgia - 3

THE MODERATOR: At this time we have at the dais University of Georgia.

LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: I thought it was a really exciting game, a lot of back and forth, just well-played, especially in the middle. As far as overall just a fun atmosphere with the team. I thought we were a little shaky early and then kind of settled into the game. It didn't go our way. I thought that Newt had a good day at the plate, I thought Maeve was great at the plate, Katie had a big RBI for us. I thought Samantha LaZear was clutch and Moose taking her walk. Just proud of the team for fighting for their grit. Proud of the team for fighting and their grit. It's tough. It's tough to lose. It's tough when you put your heart out there, but I'm proud of them for putting their heart out there and fighting with everything that they have.

Q. This is the third time now that Auburn has come back to beat you guys this season. What is it about that team and how frustrating is it to do that now three times?
LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: Well, you've got to give them credit today. I thought when they needed ground balls they got ground balls, and they took advantage of putting hard ground balls into play.

Q. Coach, obviously you're up two runs; what was the message as far as -- Auburn was putting stuff in play but you guys were making plays. What was the message going into the seventh inning?
LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: Really just do what we've been doing all along.

Q. Coach, the play where the winning run scored for Auburn, if the runner doesn't run out of the base path, do you have a chance to turn a double play and end that play before the run crosses and was that part of your discussion with the umpire?
LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: Well, you know, the runner did her job. She tried to avoid the tag, and that wasn't part of my discussion with the umpire.

Q. Would you have had a chance to make the double play?
LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: Potentially, yes.

Q. And now you face an LSU team that you played a series against and they took two of three at your place. The challenge of facing LSU, what do you think?
LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: Well, I think our conference is amazing, and it's tough, and it's a dogfight every game that you get to play, and we feel that every time we get out there. So we're excited to play. We're excited to still be here and having an opportunity to compete.

ALEX HUGO: Yeah, I mean, they're a great team. I think at this point our season really doesn't matter who we play, I think we're just super grateful that we still get the chance to play as a team and compete, so I think we're excited to get back out there tomorrow.

KATIE BROWNE: I'm with Alex. I agree that Georgia stayed within themselves and LSU is a great team, but I don't think that is what we'll focus on tomorrow. We'll focus on Georgia softball.

CHELSEA WILKINSON: Yeah, just what they said. We just have to stay in our game. Like our coaches just told us, if they had told us a couple months ago that we'd be playing on Sunday in the Women's College World Series, we'd be pretty excited about it, so we're still excited to get back out there tomorrow and get back after it.

LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: I don't know if I said this but I think Chelsea pitched a great game today. I mean, she got us out of jams left and right and we wouldn't be sitting here today if it wasn't for her.

Q. Chelsea, you were commanding that Auburn team until about the seventh inning. What did you figure out about those batters and what was going through your head?
CHELSEA WILKINSON: Well, Coach Fico and I, we just went off what we had when we faced them in the series and we just went from there. They're solid 1 through 9 obviously so we were just making good quality pitches to good locations, getting outs.

Q. Chelsea, you got the win in that series against LSU. What do you remember about their lineup, and how were you able to be successful against them?
CHELSEA WILKINSON: Well, LSU is not here by chance, either. They're a great team, also. It just stays the same with each team we face, just making quality pitches to quality locations, and our defense is going to work behind us.

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