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June 4, 2016

William McGirt

Dublin, Ohio

Q. William, just an outstanding round of golf. What I was so impressed with, you stubbed your toe with a three-putt bogey at 16 and come back with what I thought was one of the birdies of the year out of the fairway bunker at 17.
WILLIAM McGIRT: Yeah, that was a pretty good one. All I could see was white sand and a little bit of green grass on the lip and blue sky. I could barely see the top of the TV tower when I kind of jumped up to see, and I knew I wanted to keep it left to right, and it came out perfect and got over there where I was putting up the hill. So it was great.

Q. Your round started off so well, you're 5 under after five. Take me through the eagle on the 5th.
WILLIAM McGIRT: We hit 3 wood off the tee. We've been hitting driver there all week. Just kind of hit a little bump cut. It was downwind today. Fairways were starting to firm up a little bit, so we just hit a 3 wood. I think we had 240-ish roughly. Cut a 5 wood back against the wind, trickled up to about three feet. It was pretty nice.

Q. Just a great round of golf. You were able to keep your composure through it. I got the impression, when you were 6 under, you wanted to be 7, 7 to 8. A lot of players fall into the comfort zone. That wasn't the case for you.
WILLIAM McGIRT: Yeah, I kind of fell into that after I was 5 under through five. I kind of walked off, wait a second, one, two -- okay, that's 5 through five. And I knew 6 and 7, I had a chance to get home on 7. 6 was a pretty easy pin to use the backboard to get it close to. Hit a good putt on 6, and three-putted 7 for par. It was just a lot slower than I thought.

But, yeah, I was trying to keep the hammer down and try to get back in and give myself a chance tomorrow.

Q. Talk about tomorrow and your thought process going into Sunday.
WILLIAM McGIRT: Well, I feel like I've been in this position enough times. It's time to get one done. I'm just going to go out and stick to our game plan. It doesn't matter, if I get paired with Dustin or whoever that hits it nine miles, I can't get caught up in that.

I played with Patrick Rodgers the first two days. We stepped up at 8:45 Thursday morning on No. 10, and he airmails that bunker about 20. It was kind of like, huh, I don't have that gear. I've got to play my game and play the golf course and go about it that way. I can't get caught up in what somebody else is doing.

Q. Best of luck in the final round this week. Cool place to win.
WILLIAM McGIRT: It would be a very cool place to win.

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