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June 4, 2016

Kyrie Irving

Oakland, California: Practice Day

Q. Kyrie, you had an aggressive Game 1, but missed some shots toward the end, and I think you were 1 for 9 in possessions where it was without a pass. How do you maintain the balance between aggression personally and staying within the frame of the team?
KYRIE IRVING: You kind of just have to pick and choose your spots, watch as much film. But at the end of the day I understand what my value is for this team in order to have an aggressive mindset and using my skills to the best of my abilities and going out there and trying to create shots for my teammates and also myself, especially if things aren't going the way we kind of want it to go.

Sometimes you just take it upon yourself to either get a bucket in transition or a lay-up in the half court. But attacking my matchup is what has really worked thus far. I've talked to T. Lue as well as LeBron over the last few days of how to attack better in Game 2 in order to get -- in order for everyone to feel good. A few easy missed shots, the few lay-ups in the paint that I missed, which is okay, I'm fine with. But I'm going to continue to have that aggressive mindset.

But like I said yesterday of echoing, just being more efficient in those spots and where we are in transition and just being more efficient in those opportunities.

Q. The individual matchup between Reggie Jackson and Teague and Schroder and Lowry throughout the first three rounds, but what's the Steph Curry matchup like for you?
KYRIE IRVING: Oh, no, it's fun. It's fun. Because we know both teams are going to do everything possible to stop myself and him. So both defenses are definitely designed to limit us of feeling comfortable. And a few times of me and him playing one-on-one, you can see that help side is always going to be there, and guys are forced to make great plays, which is what it's about. People want to see that.

You just try not to get too much into the mental aspect of it of me versus him, because that's not what it's about. We wouldn't be here without our teammates. But it's just awesome going against a guy like that.

Q. How are these coming off of that loss? Has this been too much time for you guys? Do you feel like you want to hurry up and get back out there, or is this much needed?
KYRIE IRVING: From a mental standpoint it's a little too long, but from a physical standpoint it's great, just getting as much recovery. I know the league wants to see everyone at the top of their games playing at the highest level, as healthy as they can be. So I don't really mind.

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