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June 4, 2016

Stephanie Meadow

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. Since the U.S. Open a couple years ago, you're playing about as well as you have since then. What's working so well out here?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: I think everything's kind of come together. It's kind of clicked. I've had a pretty rough last year and a half, so it's kind of nice that all the hard work is paying off, and I just had to stay with my process and believe that it was going to happen, and finally it's happening.

Q. Is there anything in particular, like did you find something, is something working?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: My ball striking and driver has gotten a lot better. I'm much more consistent now, and I think that's just a combination of what I've worked on with Jorge Parada. I've been doing it for awhile but haven't been doing it in competition, and I think it's finally here. I have confidence in it and I know I can just swing. When you play bad, it takes a little while for visualization, everything, mentally to come back. I think now it's come back.

Q. You have the Olympic tournament coming up in a couple of months. What did that do for you, give you a goal to shoot for?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, definitely. It's obviously an awesome opportunity, and hopefully I get in; I can't wait to go.

It's the same as every year. I want to be the best golfer I can be and I want to be out here as much as I can and competing to win trophies, so that's my goal and Olympics is just kind of -- if I do that, then I'll be there.

Q. What would something like that do as far as helping grow women's golf in your homeland?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: It's great. I think women's golf is big already which is really nice, but I think having some sort of face for Irish women, because a lot of people just stay amateur and just play Irish Close for the rest of their lives. I think having that professional aspect could help.

Q. Is Jorge a new coach for you?
STEPHANIE MEADOW: Kind of. I've been working with him since last September, October, so pretty new.

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