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June 3, 2016

Kellsi Kloss

Sandra Simmons

Beth Torina

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Michigan - 2, LSU - 0.

THE MODERATOR: Coach, we'll start with general comments about the game.

BETH TORINA: I thought our team did some things really well. I think there's some things we could do better. I think Michigan's pitcher threw a great game against us. She gets a lot of the credit for their victory today. I thought our pitching staff did a good job, our defense did a good job of holding a really tough offense down for a long time, and we just never really got the timely hit. They made big pitches in big moments and that's what great pitchers do. That's why Michigan is here, that's why they're ranked what they're ranked, why they only have five losses on the season, because they do a good job in big situations.

Q. Coach, can you talk about what went into the decision to change pitchers and go with Hoover?
BETH TORINA: Yeah, sort of before the game, that was the plan, that we were going to use multiple arms against them because we thought they had a big offense and a big threat. Trying to keep them off balance with different looks was the plan going into it, and I thought it was a good time for it to happen. Carley has been great in relief. I'd go to her any day of the week, all the time. I'm 100 percent confident in her. Still right now I wouldn't change a thing I did.

Q. Coach, some of the missed scoring opportunities, perhaps a little bad luck, too, the chopper that backed into Baylee in that one inning and then Bianca after that?
BETH TORINA: Yeah, I didn't think a lot of things went our way. It was a different game and a different strike zone, not anything it was bad or good, just elevated more than we would like it to be. I think in a different zone on a different day it's a completely different ballgame. We really didn't get any breaks. Obviously we make our own breaks, too and we didn't make a lot for ourselves, but we didn't get the ball to bounce the right way at any point, either.

Q. Just having to come back in the early afternoon game tomorrow and facing a tough Bama team, obviously, what are your thoughts?
SANDRA SIMMONS: I think we've shown all year that we can fight. So I think if we come out and play our game and not press, because we're now in the losers' bracket, we're going to be on a really good side. We haven't had time to prepare for Alabama, but we have played them in conference this year, so I think we're going to be able to go back and look at that stuff and make up a plan pretty quickly, and come out and play our game and keep fighting like we have all year.

KELLSI KLOSS: I think any time you play Alabama, whether it's just a regular-season game or an elimination game in the postseason just like year against them, it's just a really hard fought game. They play with a lot of passion and emotion and I think we play hard just like they do. I think it's going to be a good game, but we're just really well prepared for whatever comes our way. We've been in this spot before with our backs against the wall many times and we've come up on the winning end, so I think our team is ready for the challenge.

Q. And Beth, the preparation with the quick turnaround?
BETH TORINA: It is, but it's an opponent that we've seen before. I hate that we're having to see them now. I wish we were the SEC teams later. I know we've got all the SEC teams playing each other tomorrow. It's the point of year when we want to pull for each other not be against each other, but at least it's a team we've seen, we've prepared for them, we have information on them, so we'll be ready to go. I know they're a little different than when we saw them, but we'll try and bridge the gap a little bit and be ready to go. I think it's a tough spot to be in for our team, but if any team can handle it it's ours. We have the pitching staff for it. We've been with our backs against the wall. It's a spot where we've seemed to thrive in the past, so if any team can handle it, it's this one.

Q. Talking about umpiring can sound like sour grapes, but a lot of your fans have been talking about it. Was it consistent or did you feel like it got tighter in the later innings?
BETH TORINA: I just thought it was a tough zone for Allie to work in. It was just a little bit elevated. She's a down pitcher and it was a little higher than we would have liked it to be. But it is what it is, and every day you get a little bit different strike zone, so it's a little bit -- the game changes depending on the zone that you get. I don't think it's something that is good or bad, I just think it's something we've got to coach through. I think that's part of the game. It's actually part of the game that I've truly enjoyed is the human element of this game. I love that part of it.

We had to figure out how to work in that zone. Allie did a really good job of making the adjustment after the first inning I thought of working in what it was, and I think she moved forward from it.

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