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June 3, 2016

Paula Reto

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. Your tied for the lead, what are your thoughts and emotions about that?
PAULA RETO: I'm really excited. I played good today, steady, especially with irons and putting, but not so much off the tee. So I got a way with a couple of the shots. I told myself, one shot at a time, don't focus and doubt yourself. Everything paid off and I'm really happy and I'm excited to come back out tomorrow morning.

Q. Were you playing well going into the week?
PAULA RETO: You know what, yeah, I had a good weekend last week. I took a lot of days off, sort of regrouped my game and then came in and played well in the Pro-Am and played well during practice.

So all of the things just sort of came together today.

Q. Any long putts today?
PAULA RETO: No, not really, no. Just sort of a couple tap-ins on the par 5s, a birdie here and there. Hit it close to four or five feet on some of the par 4s, so not any long putts today. Just hit it close with the irons.

Q. Is this the kind of a golf course where the idea is you want to leave yourself a makeable birdie putt?
PAULA RETO: Yes. And also even just for the par putt, you want to be sort of close to the hole where it's a tap-in, because the greens in the afternoon do get a little bumpy. As long as you keep the par putts or the tap-ins quite short, it works out.

But yeah, I enjoyed the short birdie putts. I haven't had those in a while.

Q. When you look on the leaderboard, tied with the defending champion, two really well known players, what are your thoughts on being tied with them?
PAULA RETO: I feel like if I play my best if I don't focus on anybody else. Even though I know they have won here before, so maybe I can win here this time. But I try not to focus on anybody else, because that will just get me distracted. I just have to come and do my own game and go day by day and round by round.

Q. You and Ai battling it out there with each other?
PAULA RETO: Yeah, I felt like one hole she birdies and the next hole I birdie and just back and forth. It was really fun. She's a good player, good putter.

So it was nice to sort of have that going and sort of just mix it between us with all the birdies.

Q. Does that help when you you've got somebody else in your group whose game is on a little bit but helps you raise your own game?
PAULA RETO: Yeah, of course, because she's really accurate, hits it well, putts well. So sort of makes me want to also hit it close. That's why I think today, I tried a lot to hit it closer. She made a lot of long putts because she's a good putter. But yeah, so I just had a good time today. Still once again, I just focused on my own game.

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