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June 3, 2016

Ai Miyazato

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. How does it feel to be back in contention?
AI MIYAZATO: Yeah, I feel good. But since the beginning of this year, my game was in good shape and all I can do is just to be patient. But finally I could see some like momentum in my score.

Q. Being patient is not easy for a professional athlete --
AI MIYAZATO: Definitely.

Q. And not for you --
AI MIYAZATO: And not really fun either. But I'm playing on this tour almost 11 years now and I have so many experience like this. I know at some point, for some point, I'm going to play good. But still, just to finish the first round; so I need to have another good day tomorrow.

Q. Coming in here, a place you've played well in the past, you can use some good feelings and confidence knowing you've won here in the past?
AI MIYAZATO: Yeah, definitely. I can't believe it has already been six years last time I won this tournament. But still, I love this golf course, and the local people are so supportive of this tournament.

I just love this golf course, too. I love all the fashion style like small green and small fairways, and you need to think so many different strategies. That's why it's always fun to come back over here and play.

Q. The eagle at 3 kind of got you?
AI MIYAZATO: Yeah, that was actually lucky that I hit it pretty firm, and I saw like it jumped in the cup.

Q. How far out were you?
AI MIYAZATO: It was about, I don't know about the feet, 45 feet -- no, the putting.

Q. So it took a bounce?
AI MIYAZATO: Yeah, that definitely kept my momentum going towards the back. The golf is sometimes going like that. You have lucky and sometimes get unlucky but it was definitely a good bounce back.

Q. We talked to Paula and she said you guys were kind of just battling it out there back and forth.
AI MIYAZATO: Yeah, yeah, first time playing with her in a tournament actually but she's a really nice girl and she hits it really long. But I don't know, it was a good atmosphere. Just a good chemistry I guess, so looking forward to playing with her tomorrow again.

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