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June 3, 2016

Stephen Curry

Oakland, California: Practice Day

Q. Can you talk a little bit about how Shaun Livingston's mid-range game helps up the floor and space for you and Klay?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, that's obviously his comfort zone and where he gets most of his shots when he's able to get that penetration. Most of the time when he's in that position, if the defense doesn't collapse, he's getting wide-open looks and he's got a comfortable range. If they commit to him and we're spaced out on the wings, he's done a good job as well and we're both -- all three on the floor at the same time finding one of us, if we're open. But it also just gives the defense something, a different look to have to deal with. They guard me and Klay a different way than they would guard Shaun. So you have to make those adjustments in game and know, I guess, what their game plan is going into it.

As a defender, you know how hard it is to kind of make those in-game adjustments on the fly, so you try to use that to our advantage.

Q. Just wondering if anything feels different once you win the championship, whether it's a burden being lifted or a confidence being instilled in a team, that allows a team to play with more looseness and play maybe better or play at a higher level than they did the year they won the championship? Have you noticed any of that this year?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, over the course of the regular season we obviously have the ultimate confidence in ourselves because we won and all that went into winning a championship last year. The journey has obviously been different. We've talked about that along the way. Getting back to the Playoffs I think there's a different kind of pressure that you feel because you know the feeling of winning and you want to get back there.

But there's also a sense of expectation knowing as you get through each round how to deal with the emotions, the environment of the Playoffs themselves, whether you're at home or on the road, the hoopla that's around it, and especially when you get to The Finals.

Yesterday was a very good feeling kind of knowing the schedule of the day and practice and how to deal with it. Once the ball dropped, I didn't feel as much anxiousness as last year.

It still obviously means as much if not more this time around, but you just have a certain sense of comfort knowing that you've been through it before, and at the end of the day, it's just basketball and going out and having confidence in what you do.

Q. Do you think that helps you at 3-1 to OKC? Do you think that falling back on that may have helped you guys get through those three games?
STEPHEN CURRY: For sure. It wasn't any panic, it was just understanding the moment. I mean, we were down 2-1 twice last year and had to rattle off three straight. Granted, it wasn't facing elimination, so it was a little different. But the more experiences you go through, I think the better you are at handling anything that's thrown at you. We obviously had to play well and figure it out quickly to get to The Finals. But we relied on the experience for sure.

Q. Is there ever a time like yesterday when the second unit's rolling like that and you're sitting there next to Coach and your time to come in the game is coming up, do you have any input with Coach Kerr saying, man, let them roll, they're doing their thing, I don't want to get in and perhaps ruin some momentum that this second unit has going? What's your role in that situation?
STEPHEN CURRY: There have been times where I've kind of given the look because I'm a competitor and I want to go out there and play, but that's just me being selfish at that point trying to get back out there. You understand that with the talent that we have on the bench, when they're out there playing like they did last night, I mean, why stop the momentum? Why get in the way of that?

There's going to be a time when I get back out on the floor, me, Klay, whoever is in position usually to close out games, we can get out there and still have an impact on it. But all year we've relied on our depth. The minutes that we logged in the regular season is because of how well our bench can obviously protect leads but also build them like they did last night.

So it's fun to kind of see them bring the energy and do what they do.

Q. Watching your ritual last night before the game and ending with the tunnel shot --
STEPHEN CURRY: Did you ask me about that the other day?

Q. Yeah, yeah?
STEPHEN CURRY: I said it didn't have an effect on my shooting. I might have been wrong (laughing).

Q. 0 for 5 last night. I noticed that. Steve talked about the little kid in you and kind of like punch the ball from three-point range to try to get it in. What is it about that tunnel shot that brings out the little kid in you? And from all the crazy difficult shots you take in the game, where does that rank in terms of degree of difficulty?
STEPHEN CURRY: Honestly, it's a tough angle, but it's not that difficult of a shot. But I just -- ever since college I always tried crazy trick shots in practice and in games just having fun. When you're in the gym all the time, you've got to find little things that keep it fun. So, yeah, that's kind of been a part of just my personality and things like that. It's kind of morphed into a really strict routine for home games.

Q. If you had to guess, what would be your guess on what percentage of those shots you've made in your life from the tunnel?
STEPHEN CURRY: Probably like 15% (laughing). It's not good at all. It is a fun moment when it does go in. I'll get a hot streak going every once in a while, but then it will be nights like last night where you go 0 for 5 and don't need to waste any more time out there shooting them.

Q. The Cavs just scored seven three-pointers last night. Compared to the play in Eastern games, it's not good. Do you know what is the reason, just because of the Warriors' defense or they had a bad night?
STEPHEN CURRY: I think our defense has a lot to do with it, just being aggressive, trying to follow the game plan. They're obviously a team that shoots the three very well and can get hot at any time. But the key is trying not to let them get open looks and find a rhythm. So from the jump, you want to be able to try to impact their offensive rhythm by not having a miscommunication, having great rotations on the perimeter and contesting shots.

We can do all of that on Sunday, and they can make everything. It's just that's how basketball is. It's obviously a make or miss league. But our defense, energy and kind of focus was pretty good yesterday. If we can repeat that and take it up another notch, that's when we're at our best.

Q. I was wondering if you received the jersey that Lionel Messi had sent you, and if you would like to meet him now that he's playing Copa America here and if you'd like to invite him to see one of your games.
STEPHEN CURRY: Oh, for sure it would be an honor to have him come watch us play. I've never seen him play in person, but I would enjoy that treat as well. Obviously I've never met him in person, but we did exchange jerseys for the Instagram follower milestone. So mine's still in the mail. I'm waiting for it, though.

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