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June 3, 2016

Casey Grice

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. What was working for you today? Was there a shot or a hole that got you going early?
CASEY GRICE: I kept it in play pretty well off the tee. I was having a good ball-striking day but I rolled in some long puts and so that's really kind of what made the difference, because these greens can get a little tricky. They are a little undulated, so I made a few to start off with and then just kind of tried to keep it going.

Q. What was the distance of the putts you rolled in?
CASEY GRICE: I mean, I made a couple over 30 feet, so yeah, so that always helps the score card. But a couple of par fives are reachable, and I had some short ones, as well, kind of all ranges, but it was fun.

Q. Your best round as an LSU player?
CASEY GRICE: Score-wise. I've had a 66 but yeah, that is lowest round of the tournament.

Q. Were you playing well coming into the week?
CASEY GRICE: I had a steady week last week. So we were in the middle of kind of a long stretch of tournaments, so kind of trying to maintain energy to keep it going.

Had a steady week last week, so it was close last week and so put it together today.

Q. What were emotions like, 65, you're going to be on or near the top of the leaderboard. What's it like for you to be in that position?
CASEY GRICE: It's awesome. I've had one other experience with that so far this year, so kind of look back to that and just enjoy the moment.

Q. When was that?
CASEY GRICE: Australia.

Q. Was that the first round, too?
CASEY GRICE: Yeah, that was after the first round.

Q. What can you learn from that experience?
CASEY GRICE: Really kind of trying to keep the same game plan. Just trying to have fun and enjoy the moment. Very thankful there's a great turnout of fans, so it's nice to be able to perform for the supporters out here. It's been great.

Q. When did you get into town here?
CASEY GRICE: I got in Sunday night. So Sunday night pretty late.

Q. And had you played here before?
CASEY GRICE: No, first time.

Q. What are your first impressions?
CASEY GRICE: It's been great. I love the golf course. It's been pretty views of the bay over there, so it's a fun course. Definitely scorable with the wind not picking up too much quite yet -- in the afternoon, we'll see where it goes but it's a great track.

Q. What do you think your emotions will be like tomorrow? Do you have any special battle plan for tonight?
CASEY GRICE: Just kind of take it easy. It's been nice to have an extra day this week because it's only a three-day tournament. But yeah, just kind of keep it going and enjoy it, have a nice, relaxing night with dinner with some friends and sleep in tomorrow, afternoon tee time, so that's always nice.

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