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January 9, 2005

Adam Scott


Q. Good way to finish up the tournament the last couple of rounds, a few rounds in the 60s?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, perfect. Today I made some putts and you know, made a bit of a move up the leaderboard but I was really too far out of it so it was tough.

Q. Talk about the conditions, nobody -- Vijay has come back to the pack.

ADAM SCOTT: It's tough, you know, started out a bit -- driver, 2-iron and then a 2-iron into the second. You know, it was looking pretty nasty but it calmed down and then picked up again. You know, it's just about not making mistakes and I didn't make too many today. I think I missed one green so that's pretty solid.

Q. You mentioned that you were out of contention so you played with nothing to lose, is it that much easier to do that?

ADAM SCOTT: Oh, definitely, definitely. You can just open up more than you would if you were in contention. Hitting stuff like shots into the last, just go right over the gunch and try to hit a good shot whereas you probably want to be a little safer.

The wind didn't set up for those par 4s to be drivable today, so I didn't go for that, but I hit a lot of good shots and made some nice putts and just pieced it together well.

Q. What's your schedule the next month or so?

ADAM SCOTT: Playing next week at Sony and then back to Australia for the Heineken and then I'll be back at L.A.

End of FastScripts.

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