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May 31, 2016

John Fields

Taylor Funk

Doug Ghim

Gavin Hall

Beau Hossler

Scottie Scheffler

Eugene, Oregon

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by University of Texas Longhorns. Coach, why don't you start us out, talk a little bit about the day that you had and obviously a lot of golf today, a lot of different subplots, but a little bit about the day from your perspective.

JOHN FIELDS: Well, we were looking forward to today. It's a day that all college golf teams, Division I college golf teams dream about. That's being in the quarterfinals of the national championship, having a chance to advance to the semifinals, and to do it here at Eugene Country Club, a very, very special place that's dedicated to amateur golf, we were excited about being here. Our guys played really, really well today, this morning and this afternoon, top to bottom. Everybody did something special today, whether it was Taylor Funk, Scottie Scheffler, Gavin Hall, Doug Ghim or Beau Hossler. They all played really, really well and they gave it their best heart and soul out there, Texas fight. I'm so proud of them for getting to the finals. But I know they feel like they're not finished right now. No matter what the circumstances are, they'll be ready to play tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: Scottie, talk about coming down the stretch, a lot of big shots that you had to make to close out this match.

SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: Yes, sir, it was a tough match from down the stretch. It was close the whole match. I didn't really have any leads until the end, and Sean was playing pretty solid today, and I was able to hit some good shots down the stretch and was able to close him out towards the end. But there was a lot of pressure on both of us because USC really needed that match, as well, and we both knew that it was close, and I'm just glad I was able to get a win for our team.

Q. Bo, I know you just sat down, but how is the shoulder? What did you find out from the medical staff? And have you ever experienced pain like that before on a golf course?
BEAU HOSSLER: No, I haven't. And I wish I had some info for you, but I just don't. Obviously I was under some pain, but I mean, I'm going to be fine.

Q. John, is Bo still going to seek more treatment after tonight or later tonight?
JOHN FIELDS: Yeah, I haven't been able to assess that just yet. We've got to talk with the trainer, and I know we had medical personnel here, but with the pairings and this, haven't had a chance to sit down and talk with anybody. I know we'll do the right thing for our student-athlete, though, and we'll come out firing tomorrow, one way or another.

Q. Gavin, talk about the match tomorrow. Oregon is obviously playing on a course that they're very familiar with.
GAVIN HALL: Yeah, I think we're all really looking forward to tomorrow's opportunity to play in the national championship. I know all five of us have dreamed of this as kids growing up, and to play Eugene Country Club against Oregon in their home event is incredible. I mean, this is something that we've all worked really hard for, and it's been a goal of ours the whole season, and to finally have this opportunity is something we're not going to take for granted tomorrow. We'll come out fighting, no matter how we're feeling. I think we're really using some good momentum off of the matches that we played today, and just really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon.

Q. Doug, just your mindset going into tomorrow?
DOUG GHIM: It's the same as today. You know, last year we got to this very same day and we went home disappointed. On that flight home, I just remember all five of us were thinking that we didn't want that flight again. We wanted to bring it all home, and so we're still focused. No matter what the circumstances are, we'll be ready.

Q. Taylor, obviously a long week, starting your practice on Thursday, and here you are coming up on Wednesday with a chance at a national championship. Take us through what it would mean for you to pull it out here at the end.
TAYLOR FUNK: Yeah, we came here with a goal to win, and it's a long week but we've enjoyed every minute of it. We love the pressure and love to have an opportunity to go out and showcase our abilities and prove that we're the best team in the country. With that goal in mind, we're one step closer. Tomorrow is going to be a great day, and no matter how long the week has been, we've got to be prepared for tomorrow, and we'll all give it our best shot.

Q. Coach Fields, key for tomorrow's match in your mind?
JOHN FIELDS: Well, we're playing the University of Oregon on their home golf course, and they've proved that it's a big advantage. Casey, I listened to an interview that he did prior to the tournament starting telling everybody that -- and honestly, giving us the opportunity to know they play out here three times a week during the season, I mean -- we're fortunate now because we have essentially seven rounds in our back pocket at Eugene Country Club. Beau Hossler has four more than that, 11, and Scottie Scheffler does, too, because they took the time to come up here and play in the Pacific Coast Amateur Championship that Aaron Wise won.

We know we've got our hands full. They'll be ready to play. I made mention of the fact that we played them in the semifinals in 2012, and I know that Casey Martin is among the finest competitors in collegiate golf as a coach. He hasn't stopped stinging from that moment, and tomorrow is his chance to deliver a blow to us. We're going to do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen.

Q. Coach, when does that balance out, the familiarity with the golf course? When does that balance occur?
JOHN FIELDS: Well, the difficulty of this golf course is the green complexes are significant. You have a lot of false fronts, false edges. The speeds are significant. They've done a great job getting this golf course in shape so that we could play a championship at the highest standards, so the rough is significant, and it's painful when you get out there because it's relentless. You've got these big trees.

But I think the green complexes are difficult, but the sight lines off the tees make you uncomfortable, and that's probably the biggest advantage. Even on some of these par-3s, the sight lines are pretty significant. If you've got 90 rounds in your belt here, that's a different feeling than seven. I'm not saying that -- I don't know that -- now it doesn't make any difference. We're going to go play those guys tomorrow. I'm glad we have seven rounds under our belts, and I'm glad Scottie Scheffler and Beau Hossler have 11. That helps.

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