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May 31, 2016

Martin Jones

Joe Pavelski

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Practice Day

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Martin, you rode shotgun with Jonathan Quick in L.A. Any lessons you can take from him, Conn Smythe winner?
MARTIN JONES: I mean, just watching him throughout the playoffs, he competes on everything. I think that's the biggest thing you can take away when you watch him play.
Other than that, I don't know, just from him or the group that just kind of managing a long playoff run, then all the distractions and things that go along with that.

Q. Joe, normally wouldn't go this route with you, especially in the first question, but you've known Justin Braun a while. He spoke about what he went through yesterday. What can you say about what you observed with him, how he handled a tough day?
JOE PAVELSKI: Something like that's never easy. As a teammate, you don't like to see anybody go through that. He handled it professionally. He showed up, played well. He knew it wouldn't be easy. It's one of those areas that you're never prepared for.
Our thoughts are always with them and their families.

Q. Joe, last night Pittsburgh liked to create a lot of races, they chipped pucks out, threw it over the defense. What is the adjustment maybe on your side to minimize that, the shots against?
JOE PAVELSKI: Yeah, I think some of the adjustments, they probably came out a little bit too easy at times. Early on, especially, our turnover rate was probably a little higher than what we're used to.
If we limit that, that cuts a few shots, a few zone time minutes right there. It's a game. You just got to manage it along the way. If you do get that, we responded well and got back to our game then.

Q. Joe, you had waited a long time to play in a Final. This organization has waited a long time. What is it like when you take the ice, the anticipation? Did that play a part maybe in what happened?
JOE PAVELSKI: It's hard to say if it played a part or not. We were excited to play. We felt we were ready. Then at the start, we didn't execute the way we needed to. We try to take that lesson and learn from it. Hopefully we can have a better start.
Obviously it's exciting to be here. I don't know if it's your first time or your fifth time, I'm sure it's exciting every time.
So we'll learn from that game and hopefully have a better start.

Q. Joe, you haven't played the Penguins in a long time until last night. You have been in the league, no Marc‑Andre Fleury, he's no longer in the net. How curious were you about dealing with Matt Murray? What were your initial impressions on tape and what you saw on the ice?
JOE PAVELSKI: He's been a great goalie throughout these playoffs. He's done well. We've seen some really good goalies along the way so far.
It's about getting traffic, getting shots. We need a few more attempts early on, test him, not let him get settled in, the way he was last night. If you can get shots, get free around the net, we got a few rebounds.
He's like any goalie right now, they're playing great. They're tough to beat on the first shots. You have to get the second‑ and third‑shot opportunities.

Q. Your faceoff numbers are pretty strong for the playoffs at 55%. The team's are down around 47% overall. Those numbers, do you put any weight into? How have you been able to succeed despite not having strong team numbers?
JOE PAVELSKI: You try to have a plan on faceoffs to try to execute off them. It's one of those areas, it's nice when you have the puck. You start with it. You can get moving. There's maybe certain areas when you win them, you're able to get on the forecheck or breakout a little bit easier. When you don't win them, you don't throw the towel in. I think that's the biggest thing.
If you lose a faceoff, you try to get it back, compete. It's just an area it's nice to win. If you don't, it's not the end of the story. We're still going to compete and try to find a way.

Q. Joe, last night you were credited with two shots. Is that a good number for you or would you like more? Or is it about quality chances?
JOE PAVELSKI: Yeah, you want more, more than two.

Q. Why were you not able to get more?
JOE PAVELSKI: I don't know. They did a pretty good job I think at times. We didn't have a whole lot of space out there. We didn't create a whole lot of zone time where we just kept rolling around.
Every game's a little different. I found myself carrying the puck into the zone a few times. Whether delaying there or not, or passing it over. I had one chance coming in the second. A little traffic, but he sees it from far out. You don't really expect that to go in too often. One chance around the net. Couple areas try to get some tips.
For whatever reason you don't get enough opportunities, you try to respond with a better game.

Q. Martin and Joe, 5‑1 following playoff losses. Is there a common thread of something that goes right after a defeat?
MARTIN JONES: No. I think maybe just the sense of urgency. You never want to go down 2‑0 in a series. Whether you lose the first game, any game, you never want to lose two in a row in playoffs.
Yeah, that sense of urgency is going to be important for us tomorrow.

Q. Martin, can you talk a little bit about how Johan Hedberg helped you this year, what that relationship has been like?
MARTIN JONES: Hedy has been great. He's been a great guy, a guy that's been around the league a long time. He's good with the on‑ice stuff. Beyond that, I think just kind of what it takes to manage a season and everything that goes along with the highs and lows of a season. Just kind of working through that.

Q. What did you think when Hagelin looks like he's having a breakaway yesterday? Did you think Burns had any chance to catch him from behind?
MARTIN JONES: Yeah, he was right on his tail. I was just trying to make the best read I could. Burnsy made a great play.

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