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February 24, 2005

Adam Scott


CHRIS REIMER: Welcome Adam Scott to the media center. First of all, Adam, congratulations on your win last week, and nice to see the sun out today, I expect. Nice win today over Trevor Immelman.

ADAM SCOTT: It was good to get out there today. It worked well for me that we had yesterday off because I've had a bit of a flu since LA. But I came out and played really good today, as did Trevor, and it was a tough match, and unfortunately there's a loser in these matches. But it was good to come out on top and also see that I've still got some good form going from last week.

Q. Your thoughts about the conditions of the course, especially in light of the recent rains?

ADAM SCOTT: You know, it's playable today, you know.

Q. That's the best you can come up with?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I mean I had to take a drop in the bunker on 18. Obviously they tried to get all the water out. But you drop it in and it plugs in a fairway bunker and it's not ideal. And I think they did the best they could, obviously. We're lucky to be out there, really.

Q. Casual water everywhere?

ADAM SCOTT: Not quite everywhere. There are some fairways that are a little better than others, but obviously when we're playing the 9th as a par 3, we've got a lot of rain going on. And they've had to move some tees forward to get us past some landing areas to stay out of the really wet areas, but, you know, there are a couple of spots which are really under, and then it would be nice if it dried out a bit and they could get the mowers out there. The grass is growing pretty good now.

Q. Would you have been able to play yesterday, health wise, if we had started yesterday?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I would have played. But I was feeling pretty ordinary. And I just stayed in bed most of the day and did some putting late in the afternoon. That was fortunate for me, anyway.

Q. What were your symptoms and where are you in the recovery phase?

ADAM SCOTT: I think it was just a bug, maybe 24 hour bug. And you sweat a lot, you sleep and you sweat, and there's a lot of stuff going on in your head.

Q. You had a temperature?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I felt like it. I mean, I don't really know. I just stayed in bed. I feel pretty good now. I'll try and rest most of this week, not too much practice.

Q. Where have they mowed, just the greens?

ADAM SCOTT: I think just the greens, yeah. And that grass is going to grow fast if the sun stays out. Hopefully they can cut them pretty soon.

Q. Did you get in the rough at all?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, a few times. That's pretty nasty, too. That's long. It doesn't look like they've had a mower on that for weeks. There's definitely a premium on hitting the fairway out there.

Q. Are there one or two key spots in the match along the way worth pointing out?

ADAM SCOTT: I think the key spot was the 14th hole where I drove it in the creek, running across the fairway, and Trevor missed the green and I got my up and down for bogey and he missed the par putt and I got away with a half there, to keep me 1 up. Again, it all turned around on 17 when Trevor chipped in and kept the match going. But I think at the time 14 was a key moment.

Q. Was that a creek that's supposed to be there or

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, that's well in play, that creek.

Q. Part of the design?


Q. Do you feel these sloppy conditions are better for a long hitter like yourself?

ADAM SCOTT: I definitely think there is an advantage, yeah. That extra yardage off the tee can make a difference. Maybe the 8th hole is an indication; I was pretty much on the green in two, just in front of the green, and I think that was from the drive up in the air and pretty long. It can, but still you've got to hit it straight.

Q. You've been pretty tough out there in this format. Why do you think the match play suits you?

ADAM SCOTT: I have no real explanation for that, but I enjoy playing match play. In Australia we grew up playing a lot of match play as juniors and amateurs. I don't know, I think I just enjoy it for a change, and it's a different challenge. That's all I can say.

Q. Could you run through your shots on 18? You took a drop in the bunker?

ADAM SCOTT: Right. I pulled it in that left fairway bunker, and it was in the water, in casual water in there, and we found a spot to drop it a bit back to the left, and you just know what was going to happen. It plugs in there. I actually hit a pretty good shot, chased it up the fairway out of there and knocked it on the green and made birdie. But I know that's the rule, but you know if you're dropping it in the bunker

Q. What club did you hit out of there?

ADAM SCOTT: I hit a 6 iron. I was kind of taking my chances on it.

Q. Do you know who you're playing tomorrow?


Q. I think it's either Poulter or Howell.

ADAM SCOTT: Charles Howell or David Howell?

Q. David Howell.

ADAM SCOTT: Okay. Yeah, people ask you what do you think about the match. Every match is tough. That's just how it is. It's the top 65 players in the world, so every match is going to be tough. Whether I'm playing Tiger or David Howell, I am expecting it to be some good golf and maybe have to shoot a good number to win.

Q. As much as you're over here now, have you considered sort of finding a U.S. base so you're not living out of a suitcase? I know you've got a pretty good collection of houses around the world. Seems like most guys over here, even if they don't use them very much, have a place.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I've thought about it. I'm just trying to weigh up where I'm at with everything and concentrating more on the States this year as opposed to Europe. I have to see if having a base in Europe is worth my time, as it's been the last few years, or whether I need to set somewhere up over here.

Q. In London, right?


Q. Just in case we've missed it, how did you generally play?

ADAM SCOTT: Terrible, really, didn't play at all well. Didn't look at the card.

Q. Did that extra hole you got in Monday help you get sharp?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, yeah, it was a good warm up for the Match Play (laughter). I played very well, actually, yeah. Trevor did, as well. And I think someone said we were 6 and 4 under. So it was good quality golf out there today.

Q. How long was that last putt, 30?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I'd say 30 feet. I was just trying to get it close, but it went in.

Q. Did you find that some of the guys were saying that on the greens there were maybe an inch or two of foot marks?

ADAM SCOTT: Two inches? We like to exaggerate.

Q. He actually said they were Darren Clarke's footprints and they were three inches deep.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, maybe. It's holding up okay. There are footprints, that's just how these greens are, there's been so much rain. We're lucky to be out there, really. There are going to be some missed short putts, but you can't let that bother you, because you don't know if it's you or the green.

Q. Does that affect the way the strategy in terms of maybe having a guy make a putt that you normally wouldn't?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, there could be a couple of putts that you might want to see, you normally wouldn't. I didn't have it in my group today, but you could certainly think about it, because you can see those footprints on the line.

Q. How about late in the day?

ADAM SCOTT: The guys teeing off in midday today are going to see some bounces.

End of FastScripts.

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