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May 29, 2016

Webb Simpson

Fort Worth, Texas

Q. Exciting day, great finish. Walk us through the mindset coming down the stretch with some of those birdies.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, it seemed like it was just tough for me to catch those guys who were out ahead, Harris and Ryan and Jordan, and I knew Jordan wasn't really going to give any back. After I bogeyed 8 and 9, I walked to 10 thinking 5-under, I need to shoot 5-under. I don't even know if that would have been good enough. I think that would have been one shy. But he played great, and yeah, I was proud of the way I kind of hung in there.

I had a couple loose swings on the front, but had a couple good swings coming down the stretch after not having a good feel for it on the front. It was a good feeling.

Q. Overall a wonderful week. You've got to be excited about the next few starts after this performance this week.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, this is a confidence builder because I haven't been in contention in a while. I'm playing next week and looking forward to the U.S. Open at Oakmont, so good stuff ahead.

Q. A really good comeback for you on the back nine. Tell me what really motivated you to continue to fight here on that back nine and put together that great finish?
WEBB SIMPSON: My wife has been texting me all week, just she believes in me, so I was thinking about her words and how the tournament wasn't over. I still had nine holes to go, anything could happen. So you're just telling yourself that as I make the turn. I made three birdies on the back and no bogeys, so it was a good, solid back nine after kind of a struggle on the front.

Q. Overall does it change anything to know that it took some pretty interesting heroics to beat you here on this day?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I mean, he played so well. I couldn't quite put the pressure I wanted to on him. The front nine is where I let a couple get away. You can't bogey 1 out here. It's the easiest hole. Then bogeyed 8 and 9, 9 from the middle of the fairway. I hit it to 15 feet and three-putted. So that was kind of the killer. I needed to turn in probably 2- or 3-under, but happy for him, he played great.

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