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May 29, 2016

Mike Martin

Dylan Busby

Durham, North Carolina

Clemson - 18, Florida State - 13

MIKE MARTIN: Feel like we played a triple-hitter, we were out there for awhile. But you have to tip your hat to Clemson. They did a tremendous job. They took advantage of some mistakes early in the game. They showed a lot of poise. They were a team that deserved to win the ballgame today.

But I can't say enough about our baseball team, the way that we fought. Having had the pleasure of working at this job for a few years, I don't think I've ever been behind 18-1. But I also don't think I've ever had a club that refused to throw the towel in and fought and scored 12 runs, and just would not give up. And that's, to me, what keeps us all going in this profession is seeing young men battle.

We battled; we came up short. You tip your hat to the other club. We go to the most important weekend of the year now, and that's to see what we can do to accomplishing our goal, and that's getting to Omaha.

Q. When you guys fall behind 18-1, what's going through your head and what's the conversation like in the dugout? What did it take to come back and compete in this game?
DYLAN BUSBY: Just fight, get on base. Have good at-bats. Work the count, get on base any way you can and score. That's the only way you can come back from that is get on base and have good at-bats.

Q. Obviously frustration, not being able to pull off the win today, but do you guys -- are you able to rally around the fact that you guys bounced back, and bounced back big in this game?
DYLAN BUSBY: Shows us that we can come back from almost any score. We were right there. I mean, great team, Clemson. Just it's tough. We want to win so bad and you do everything you can to win, and just a couple mistakes, and it shows us we can fight. That's all we want, is fight.

Q. In a game like this with three rain delays and how long it dragged out, how tough is it to stay loose to stay competitive to stay in that mind-set?
DYLAN BUSBY: Stay loose is very difficult. You've just got to -- when you're in the rain delays, you've got to be stretching, doing what you should do, so-called, you're relaxing but you're not going to sleep.

You've got to stay loose and keep your mind in the game and keep thinking about your position, what you've got to do when you get on the field, what you do are going to do in the next at-bat. Just know where you are in the lineup and all that stuff; just going out there and being mentally prepared is the biggest part.

Q. With three delays, each time you went back out, did it feel like a new game was starting, you were starting fresh every time you went back out?
DYLAN BUSBY: I wouldn't say a new game. It gave us a little break. I mean, the same goal was to score runs, as many runs as we can to get back in the game. We did a pretty good job of it. Just came up a little short.

Q. Obviously this is Coach Lee's first season at the helm of Clemson. How difficult is it to do what he did, competing in the ACC in the first year and what do you make of the job he's done with that program?
MIKE MARTIN: Monte is a very impressive coach, very in control of his ballclub. I was impressed with him last year when we competed in the regional. He was at Charleston Southern.

I just like the way he does things. He's a great representative of his university. He's going to be very difficult to beat in the post-season. He's got the necessary ingredients to get to Omaha, and personally, I hope he gets to Omaha.

Q. What do you attribute the beginning of game to with four errors in the game? Is it more weather or is it more players putting pressure on themselves?
MIKE MARTIN: Jonathan, I hate to -- there's no such thing as an excuse with our program. We didn't do what we needed to do. We made some mistakes. We gave them extra outs. They took advantage of them.

Those are things that we hope doesn't happen again. Uncharacteristic things, as I mentioned. It's just it happens every night in the Major Leagues, guys making millions of dollars; people are going to make mistakes. We fought through it. Just couldn't seem to get back in the game.

I think they went 3-5-5, if I'm not mistaken, and 13 after three innings is a pretty tough mountain to climb.

Q. When you guys fell behind early, what do you say to injure team at that point? Is there anything that you can say, down 18-1?
MIKE MARTIN: Not really. You just try not to get too much of an attitude. You just try to be sure that everybody is continuing to concentrate and not throwing in the towel, and I didn't see anybody throwing in the towel. I saw obviously some frustration, but that goes with all athletics, but these young men really showed me something.

They remind me a lot of the '92 club that we had that would literally do anything to win a ballgame, and this club is right in that category.

Thank you. And we want to say on behalf of Florida State university, we appreciate the great job that you folks have done with this tournament, and we'll keep scrapping, if this dadgum league doesn't slow down, we still hope we can get back here next year.

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