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May 29, 2016

James Morrison

Surrey, England

Q. Tell us about a spectacular moment?
JAMES MORRISON: Having walked from the ditch on the last making double-bogey to hitting the best shot I've hit all week, and hit it straight down the flag. And just watched the highlights there, it's gone at it real speed. Gave my caddie a bit of an earful, thought it gone over the green but it went in and great feeling when it goes in. Crowd were amazing.

It was one of those, where you were so far away, with the wind blowing, couldn't really tell. Got the gist it had gone in and someone said in the crowd it had not gone in. It was a bit hit and miss, but we were high-fiving, so it was lots of fun.

Q. How heavy is Andy Sullivan?
JAMES MORRISON: About 400 kilos, heavy. He goes come on, get on my shoulder -- grabbed on my shoulder. Had a bit of fun with it was getting steeper and steeper at the top of the hill. I thought I couldn't make it any further and he jumped off.

Q. You've been looking at these at tournaments around the world; going to keep it?
JAMES MORRISON: I'm going to keep the car for sure, yeah. I've been looking at a new car for myself anyway. I'd rather play better over the weekend. Plus four weekend doesn't really get it done. But I guess a nice end to a really good week.

Q. And it's not the first time either, is it.
JAMES MORRISON: Portrush 2012 with a 5-iron, as well, won a BMW there, too. Yeah, always try and get one. We were joking on the tee on the 10th, and there's no point in playing because that car's gone.

Q. Try to sheer clear of Rikard Karlberg, he didn't win anything.
JAMES MORRISON: I'm going to Tweet him tonight and Facebook and text HIM and everything. He's going get it from both barrels.

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