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May 29, 2016

Chris Wood

Surrey, England

Q. Describe what it was like as the four-shot lead went to one and you're facing that type of pressure on 18?
CHRIS WOOD: Well, I didn't look at any leaderboard today. That was one of my targets, whatever the situation was.

Yeah, it was all going really nicely. I didn't really hit a bad shot. Well, I hit two bad shots really but I played really nice today overall. When you get the wind playing in on the last five or six holes here, it's quite tough.

69 overall, if you look at the overall picture, it's a really good score today.

Q. If you get off to a course-record tying 29, vault yourself into the lead. At what point mentally did you shift from mentally thinking, you have to chase down the leader to this is your tournament to win?
CHRIS WOOD: I don't know really. I suppose when I birdied 7, I think I was getting to 5-under through seven holes, obviously thought this is a good start.

Then I birdied 9, and then you sort of feel the momentum of the crowd, and support is just amazing from British crowds. It's so fun playing in front of your own crowds.

So yeah, obviously I was doing quite nicely. It's hard to win, as I've proved.

Q. You heard the gallery erupt; to be able to get this type of victory on your home soil, what does it mean to you?
CHRIS WOOD: Huge, because like my friends and family are here. It's amazing. To win in front of them was unreal.

Q. Were you able to savour the moment at all right after the putt was sunk? What was that like for you?
CHRIS WOOD: A little bit. I suppose I was a bit unsure of my situation because I didn't really look. But the lay up, I fancied it, it was only a 6-iron into the green but there's no margin for error on your second shot into 18. As soon as I knew -- as soon as he told me to lay up, I knew probably 5 was enough.

Yeah, I can rest easy now and enjoy it now.

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