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May 29, 2016

Chris Wood

Surrey, England

Q. You've won in Qatar and Austria, but this is big, isn't it? How does this feel?
CHRIS WOOD: Amazing. It's so hard to put into words at the moment. Yeah, I've got my best friends, my fiancée, my family. It is so, so special to win in front of them. And when I play here every year, I get great support, obviously being British and we're on British soil. There's a special feel about playing in England, and yeah, I wish we could do it every week.

Q. And you have been so close before; you've had those two Top-10 finishes, one year escaped you into the final round?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, I think the first time I played here I was leading by a couple going into the final day and had a bad day, finished sixth from the end, but obviously experiences like that now, you sort of look back and think, probably did me some good. So yeah, six years on, I've got six years more tour experience. I'm a better golfer now as I've developed. So to finally win this tournament just feels amazing.

Q. I appreciate you've played well all week without necessarily getting the scores that you deserve, but what was it that really clicked so early in this round today?
CHRIS WOOD: I don't know really. I mean, one thing that helped, we had just perfect numbers all day. It felt like the front nine we did, anyway. So we sort of decided we could be quite a aggressive at the flags. 6-irons are perfect, 8-irons are perfect, you don't need to take anything off it, so that makes scoring a lot easier.

But obviously you've got to roll the putts in, as well. I've been hit going putts the first three days but not making many, but I suppose when you win, putts drop for you and I holed a couple of real key ones today.

Q. I heard you say that you didn't look at leaderboards, but you must have been aware of your position and how precarious it was becoming.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, when you get off to a start like I did, the front nine holes really, you know that you're vying. It's very difficult. You've just got to try and keep doing the same things. I had a text from Paul, my former coach who is helping me now and he texted me to say 67 tomorrow, that's your number. I was sort of on course for that.

But I suppose at the end of the day, you'll take whatever number wins.

Q. This is very big; of the bigger picture still, lovely exemption into The Open, and The Ryder Cup, I take it that will be in mind now?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, it's been sort of on the fringe of my mind. But I knew obviously events like this are key to making the team. You can't plan to win events like this. You can plan to prepare as well as you can, but to pull it off is massive. So yeah, it's a huge step towards that.

Q. It will do wonders for confidence, won't it, into even bigger stages?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, hopefully. It's somewhere I can always improve, my confidence, but to play the way I did today on the whole is really encouraging. I didn't hit bad shots, really. I just sort of hit the odd slightly bad one. It's a tough finish here, so to get over the line, which ever way you do it, is always pleasing.

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