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May 28, 2016

Stephen Curry

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Game Six

Golden State 108 - Oklahoma City 101

Q. You said you guys weren't going to go out like that. Can you describe what this performance says about your team?
STEPHEN CURRY: We've got a lot of belief and heart, and we've given ourselves a chance to win this series. That's all we could ask for. There's obviously a lot of excitement, but we still have one job to do. The way we played tonight shows who we are, and we have one more opportunity to impose our will in this series, and that's what we want to do.

Q. This team came up with a lot of stops to close out this game. What would you say about your team's defense coming down the stretch?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, that's been our calling card the last three or four years that has made us a championship-caliber team and championship-winning team. So in this building we gave up 70-something first-half point the last two times we've been here, and that was going to be the difference if we had a chance to win tonight, if we could get some stops, make them work. And down the stretch we stayed disciplined. You know, they're going to attack the basket. You can't foul. You've got to contest shots and just make them work on every possession.

Andre [Iguodala] did a great job, Harrison [Barnes] did a great job on K.D., and Draymond [Green] when he had his opportunities, Klay [Thompson] on Russell [Westbrook], everybody pitched in. We could do a little bit better job rebounding, which is something we need for Game 7. But if we have that same effort, we'll be fine.

Q. There's been a lot of nights this year the last couple of years where you've been more or less unstoppable and Klay chips in with enough to make the difference. What's it like for you to know that that can be reversed and this team can still be successful?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, all Klay needs is a sliver of daylight. The shots he made tonight were huge, obviously. But they were shots that he had his feet underneath him and he just had all the confidence in the world. He understood the moment. There were crucial situations especially to start that fourth quarter where 4-point game, 6-point game, 8-point game, he hit a timely shot to keep us in it. Obviously then one where it's tied and he comes down and knocks down a three in transition, that was huge. So I'm sure there's more in the chamber for that for Game 7. So we need that punch.

Q. Steph as the series has gone on, how much more comfortable are you feeling and you feel like your team is feeling with the way the Thunder has defended you in terms of all the switching?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, there's adjustments we've made, but the biggest thing is just moving the ball and moving bodies, setting screens for each other, trying to create confusion and miscommunication on their end and then not turn the ball over. We did a great job of that in the second half of not turning it over and giving ourselves a chance to get shots up and finish possessions and not fuel their offense. So that was the difference tonight versus the last two games on the road, and we understand the formula, we've just got to execute it come Game 7.

Q. What do you remember about your dad's [Dell Curry] Game 7 experience? Were you at the arena that night in 2001?
STEPHEN CURRY: Oh, against Philly?

Q. Yes.
STEPHEN CURRY: No, I was watching that at home. I was still mad at Lenny Wilkens for making him the takeout man in the last shot. Obviously Vince [Carter] took it, but it's cool just being around the game and understanding the hype and the sense of urgency in a Game 7 situation, just watching it.

But I've been in one so far in my career, and it didn't turn out the way we wanted it to. We have another opportunity to get the job done on Monday.

Q. Steve Kerr said that you walk that fine line between lethal and crazy. How do you determine that fine line and do you care?
STEPHEN CURRY: No, you care, because obviously you want to understand time and score and all that. But you make 10 threes and that's a good shot. For him in rhythm to come down and knock it down. So there's still -- there's confidence, but there's also kind of -- we are still kind of on edge, watching the ball in there like, please go in, please go in and it did.

But he's always told us in the flow of the game if you have a shot and you feel comfortable, take it. We'll live with the results in those situations. You don't want to second-guess yourself while you're out there.

Q. You had nine points at the half and then you come out and score 14 in the third quarter, and then you kind of got going into the fourth. What adjustments did you make at halftime to come out in the second half? The second one, where does this game kind of rank personally for you? I know it doesn't win you a championship, but you could tell from your celebration at the end that it meant a lot to you to force this Game 7 going back home.
STEPHEN CURRY: There weren't many adjustments, just the first half I got in the paint a couple times and had a little bit of indecision whether I should shoot it or look for the open guy, and I had a couple turnovers. I just had more composure in those kind of situations. Obviously, I just found a couple open lanes for three and made them. Same shot I took in the first half, but then just found a rhythm. I think I fed off of Klay for sure in that situation.

Then, I mean, this is a huge win for us considering we've had two elimination games and we needed to take advantage of them and just find a way to win. So, yeah, you're right. It doesn't win us a ring. We're not popping champagne or anything right now. We're excited about the opportunity to go home and have a Game 7. So it ranks up there for sure because we're still alive.

Q. Talk about going home for Game 7. Both teams have shown they can win on the road in this series. What it's going to take emotionally and just the resiliency it's going to take to pull it out?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, it's going to be a hard game. If we thought tonight was hard, Game 7's going to be even tougher. Everybody on both sides of the ball is going to leave it all out on the floor. It's win or go home. So we can't expect just because we're at home that we can just show up and win. It's kind of the same message you talk about throughout the course of the playoffs. We have to play our best game and be physical, and be smart and execute our game plan 100 percent for a full 48 minutes, feed off our home crowd and give them something to cheer about.

I think we need to get off to a good start and build momentum, and then finish out the game.

Q. It didn't seem to make a big difference, but did you hurt your wrist a little on one play? Are you getting a little tired of the aches and pains at this point?
STEPHEN CURRY: No, I actually kind of like it because you understand the moment of the playoffs and just kind of gets you going. I'll be ready to go and give it everything I've got for Game 7.

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