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May 28, 2016

Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Game Six

Golden State 108 - Oklahoma City 101

Q. What happened in those last two or three minutes tonight?
KEVIN DURANT: They got hot from the three, so.

Q. An emotional game. Emotionally what was missing coming down the stretch?
KEVIN DURANT: Nothing emotionally.

Q. What's the level of excitement right now in that locker room to play Game 7?
KEVIN DURANT: You know, we've got another game to play. We're excited about that. We get another opportunity. And we can't hang our heads. We've got another game to play, so it's pretty high right now.

Q. You said they got hot from three. How much of that was them getting hot, and how much was it you guys losing it?
KEVIN DURANT: I thought we did a good job of contesting threes. [Klay] Thompson had some tough ones over hands. Curry had some tough ones over hands, so that's what they do. You've got to live with some of those. They made some tough ones. They got out in transition and hit threes too.

I thought we played extremely hard. They shot 41 percent from the floor. They made 21 threes.

Q. You guys were up five at halftime. Did it feel like it should have been more? It kind of seemed like you outplayed them by more than that?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: I mean, we were up five. We felt comfortable with our lead. We know we could have played better especially in the first half. But I think we even started the third better than they did, which is great. They did come up with the win.

Q. Does it help that you got the game so close or would you like to have more time to kind of correct some things and practice things of that nature?
KEVIN DURANT: It's the seventh game of the series. We know exactly what they do. They know exactly what we do. It's just a matter of who wants it more. I think both teams went out there and played extremely hard and they made more shots than we did. Especially from the three. So that's the name of the game tonight.

Q. Russ, besides the three-pointers, what key points do you see in the ballgame? What do you think was the difference between winning and losing?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: I mean, just like Kevin said, they were making some tough shots, they played hard most of the game. They just made more shots than we did.

Q. You guys took care of the ball really well in the first half. I think you only had three turnovers, a few more in the second half, and then you had five or six down the stretch. What happened with the ball handling and the ball security late in the game?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: They got some hands on some balls. They trapped, made us make some decisions. But for the most part I thought we tried to make the right plays and make the right decisions especially down the stretch.

Q. They seemed to like you to matchup with [Andre] Iguodala. Do you like the shots you're getting with him on you?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, yeah. I like my shots. It's just a matter of them going in. Like I said, when I drive to the rim they bring guys at me, so I've got to do a better job of making the extra pass. I wish I could have got a lot of those shots back. I felt great on a lot of them, but that's just how it is.

Q. Both teams have shown that they can win on the other team's home floor. What is your mindset going out there? You played fairly well there in the three games in Oakland.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Win or go home. Simple as that.

Q. Billy Donovan mentioned that you guys are playing 40-plus minutes. He said fatigue or may may not have been a factor with you two. How do you feel about that coming down the stretch in the fourth quarter? Did you feel tired at all?
KEVIN DURANT: Well, our team needs us on the floor. Us two on the floor, we give ourselves a great chance to win. So we've got to fight through it. It's late in the season. Everybody's going to play their best players around this time. If we've got to play 48, we've got to play 48. So we're going to give it our all. We've been doing that all season, and tonight was no different. Next game won't be any different as well.

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