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May 28, 2016

Mike Martin

Quincy Nieporte

Tyler Holton

Dylan Busby

Durham, North Carolina

Florida State - 5, Miami - 4

MIKE MARTIN: Well, there's been so many exciting games that we've played against the University of Miami in the last 36 years, but it's really been -- I could sit here and keep you for a long time telling you how some games have ended. But it's a great win for us, more so from a standpoint of the way our young men displayed character and poise when they could have folded their tent.

We had a lot of freshmen and sophomores in the ballgame at the end. We had some very good at-bats to position ourselves with an opportunity, and certainly glad to see great contributions of all of these young men. But it took all of us to be successful today.

We know we can't get too out of ourselves. We've got one of the hottest teams around that we're playing tomorrow, and hopefully it will be good weather. But I'll leave that up to y'all.

Q. Your longest appearance of the season, how would you characterize your performance and your stuff today?
TYLER HOLTON: I mean, I was just excited to get out here and get the start, first of all.

I took it inning by inning. I mean, that's how I do every start. I knew it was getting long in the seventh inning, eighth inning, and I was just trying to get out there and get the W for my team.

But everything felt good. I was able to command both sides of the plate with fastballs and off-speed felt good, and defense was making great plays behind me, keeping me in the game and quick innings. And offense put enough runs up there, so it was a lot of fun.

Q. The walk-off, just talk about that moment for you guys, and does it make it any more special that that's the way you guys are going to the championship?
DYLAN BUSBY: I mean, I'd have rather have it done early. It was great. It gave us a bunch of confidence, going into tomorrow with that kind of confidence, it can be a good thing.

Q. Talk about your hitting the last couple days. You seem like you're in the zone; you don't want to leave this ballpark.
DYLAN BUSBY: Just trying new things. Found something that worked and just kind of rolled with it. I mean, see the ball, hit the ball (smiles).

Q. Just to follow up on that, when you say you tried something new that worked for you, is it like a mechanical adjustment or something like that? And Coach, can you comment on his progression from last year, where he got off to a pretty strong start, maybe struggled the second of half of last year to where he is now.
DYLAN BUSBY: Just got back to doing things I was doing early in the year, and going back to what works and kicking back to what doesn't. Getting back to everything and swinging the bat and good things came, so roll with it.

MIKE MARTIN: He's just a young man that can beat you in more ways than one. He can play a number of positions. We're very proud that he's a Seminole.

He's learning the game on a daily basis as all of our players are, and that's something that you carry with you throughout your career is having an idea of how you're going to be worked; and being able to lay off of certain pitches. This young man is growing up, and let's hope that it continues because the game is obviously very mental.

Q. You mentioned you were excited to get the start today. Any nerves at all, facing a fierce rival, and what was kind of going through your head as you were taking the mound out there?
TYLER HOLTON: Well, this is my second start against Miami. I guess I was able to get the nerves out the last start. I've been on the mound a lot this season, and whenever it comes down to it, you're playing baseball. I've done it since I was a little kid. So simplifying everything, going out there, having fun; that's what we were able to do today and that's why we won.

Q. You had a four-strikeout game against Miami just last week when Mediavilla was pitching. What was the difference today as far as what you saw from him what adjustments did you make, specifically, against the difference of the two games.
DYLAN BUSBY: I watched a lot of video today actually on the starter, and found some things that not everyone would see, but like you pick it up. I mean, if your mental approach is right, it would work.

So went out and watched that video and went into today's game knowing I'm better than he is. You get that mind-set, and it worked out, and I'm happy it did.

Q. Quincy, Coach was talking about Clemson being one of the hottest teams right now. The way you ended the regular season, what is the difference now that you guys are in the tournament? What is clicking for you guys right now?
QUINCY NIEPORTE: I think now, it's just there's no excuse. I mean, there's no, we've got time and it's show time. It's now. It's now or never, really.

And I think a lot of our end of the season struggles just came from guys getting too tense, too nervous and I think ultimately we just went back to really trusting who we are as a team, a unit, and just trust every individual on this team and know that when a spot comes up and we need something to happen, just trust one another.

I think it's more just slowing the game down and doing what we've done since the fall the way back when baseball wasn't even a thought. So I think that's the biggest thing is just relaxing and having fun, and good things happen when you do that.

Q. We saw you pull up on your long single in the seventh there. What's your status for tomorrow? How is your leg?
QUINCY NIEPORTE: It's the championship game of the ACC Tournament, so we'll see. It's not about me. It's not about really how my status of my leg or anything is. It's just how I can contribute, how I can help; and we've got one game, and it's a big one. So just do whatever I can. If I need to come off the bench and do that, I'll do it. If I'm in the lineup to start the game, I'll just continue what I've done so far.

Q. Have you decided on a starting pitcher for tomorrow yet?
MIKE MARTIN: Apologize. I haven't. But more than likely, it's going to be Mike Compton. I have not had a chance to talk to Coach Bell and Mike Martin, junior. That is who we will more than likely go with.

Q. You look for your pitchers to go five innings for you. The way that Holton pitched today, what can you say about his outing today?
MIKE MARTIN: Oh, Tyler was in total control. That's very encouraging to see a young man go out there and enjoy the opportunity and stay in the moment and not get out of himself when things didn't go right or he didn't make the pitch, or a ball maybe shouldn't be caught, he didn't get out of himself or show any emotion. He got the ball, he got back on the mound and he did what he needed to do to keep his team in the game.

Q. Can you talk about your team's resiliency, especially after Miami took the momentum in the top of the ninth scoring, and speak to that effect?
MIKE MARTIN: Great, great question, because that's what excited me more than anything else on the day. Because there we were, first and third, one out. They had just fought back. A couple of things happened that we weren't exactly happy with the way they developed their inning.

But that's Miami, and what really -- that's an impressive trait; that they did what they needed to do. But first and third, one out; got a strikeout and a fly ball. That's poise. That's character. And then to come in and get it done was very encouraging.

Like I said, we know tomorrow is going to be a real challenge. Every game you play in the ACC is a real challenge.

Q. Tomorrow you're playing Clemson. Was there one thing that you have seen over the season in film and all that stuff about Clemson; is there one thing that you're afraid of tomorrow that may keep you awake tonight or you may not sleep well?
MIKE MARTIN: Well, Clemson has not only an outstanding freshman in Seth Beer; they have an outstanding team. They play solid baseball. And they are really, really playing well now.

When we played them, I guess it was about five weeks ago, they were not the same-looking club. This club is just different, and they are going to be tough to beat in the post-season. They are darned good.

Q. You just said every game in the ACC is difficult, but where would this season's ACC rank in all that you've seen in terms of its difficulty and its talent?
MIKE MARTIN: You know what's sad is that we don't play three teams, and it's hard for me to really -- I mean, North Carolina is doggone good. And let's see, we missed Virginia Tech and who was the other one -- Virginia.

So there's an example of not being able to answer it totally. But the ten we played, dadgum, that was a good schedule, a tough schedule. 30 games, man. What happened to the old days when Virginia was dropping their program when we were playing on a carpet that they brought over from football? Now you're talking about the defending National Champion for crying out loud.

But anyway, it's a league that we are deserving of the No. 1 RPI in the country, the ACC is dadgum tough.

Q. It looked like you were trying pretty hard to get away from the mob there at the end. What happened when they finally caught you? How was that moment?
DYLAN BUSBY: It was great. It was awesome. I was actually kind of scared (Laughter.) But then I was like, whatever, it's fun. It was awesome. Want to do it every day.

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