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February 26, 2005

Adam Scott


ADAM SCOTT: I just like where my game is at at the moment. It's going to take some hard work and patience to keep it there for the next month, and I've got to play through that month, just keep everything going the way it's going because Tony and I and Butch, we've worked really hard to get my game to this level it's at now and we want to keep it there and having it peaking at PLAYERS and Augusta.

Q. How much in terms of if you say, as you have said many times, maybe putting is the weakest part of your game, how much does it affect you when you go from these greens to Florida greens?

ADAM SCOTT: You know, it doesn't the green surface doesn't really bother me.

Q. It doesn't?

ADAM SCOTT: No, it's all confidence. It's not the technique and touch; it's all in my head. I struggled the first day holing out my putts, and that's going to be a hard week for me. Sometimes it can get away from you, and other times I struggle with it. I'm putting beautiful here. I putted great here all week. I made putts that I needed to make and I've made some longer putts. So it doesn't really matter what the green surface. I'm happy to be on bent, poa, Bermuda, whatever.

Q. And just looking ahead, last year maybe if you had a disappointment it probably was Augusta.


Q. Have you taken any lessons away from that?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, TPC kind of threw me off course. I really didn't know how to handle everything after that. There were a lot of requests from media and I was scheduled to play the next week, and I rushed up to Augusta on Tuesday and got in a practice round and rushed up to Atlanta for a meeting that night with CNN. I wore myself out, really.

By the time the tournament started, even I had a good first round in Atlanta, I should have just relaxed that week.

Q. Just pulled out?

ADAM SCOTT: Maybe not pulled out, but I shouldn't have gone to Augusta Tuesday and rushed to the practice round. I should have showed up Wednesday morning for the afternoon Pro Am in Atlanta and just done whatever. It was a learning experience, for sure.

Q. This year you're not playing?

ADAM SCOTT: I'm not playing this year, no. I'm playing Doral.

Q. You've got Doral, Bay Hill and TPC and that's it?


Q. Are you going to in between the TPC

ADAM SCOTT: I'm going to go to Vegas for Butch.

Q. Frustrating to play David today, because he missed only one fairway today?

ADAM SCOTT: Missed one fairway, maybe two greens, just beautiful golf he played, and I was up against it. I felt like I stuck with him a lot of the time. But he made some good putts at the end of the match which shut me out, especially on 15 and 16.

Q. 10 too, right?

ADAM SCOTT: 10, yeah. There are a lot of holes left to play. With four holes to go, and it's all square, one hole here, and there is a big difference. He made a great par putt on 15 and then a good shot and a beautiful putt down the hill on 16.

Q. But you're happy with your game; you played well?

ADAM SCOTT: I did play well. I putted well. I did everything good this week, but I got against a guy who outplayed me today. He was really solid. And that's the way this game is.

End of FastScripts.

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