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May 27, 2016

Danny Hall

Matthew Gorst

Matt Gonzalez

Durham, North Carolina

NC State - 7, Georgia Tech - 5

DANNY HALL: I can't say enough about how well Matt Gonzalez pitched. And I can't say enough about how Matt Gonzalez has played in this league for four years.

So other than that, one thing I do want for say is just tip of the cap to the people here in Durham, they do a tremendous job putting this tournament on, and it's a pleasure to play in this ballpark and have our guys get a chance to experience everything that goes on here at Durham.

Q. Matt, what was your reaction, I guess, when you played the ninth inning, when Jose thought the game was over. What was that roller coaster right like?
MATTHEW GORST: I just really tried to put it behind me, because I knew if I made a good pitch they'd get the third out and the game was over, anyway. I just tried not to think about it and tried to calm myself down. My teammates came to the mound to settle everything down. I thought I put it behind me very quickly, so there wasn't much thought about it.

Q. It looked like the 10th inning, the guys came back, and what were you saying to pick each other up in there to move each other forward?
MATT GONZALEZ: Our offense has been good. We trust the offense, we are going to get a run here. We put up some good at-bats. They're pitching really well towards the end of the game there and they shut us down.

Q. Have you pitched 98 pitches before?
MATTHEW GORST: I actually did it a couple of weeks ago at Virginia. I think I threw 6 innings and 90 pitches or so. My whole life until I got to Tech was a starter. It's been a while. But you have so much adrenaline out there you can't really tell until you're done.

Q. The way the last four weeks, now, I guess have gone, three series losses and 0-3 pool play. How do you feel about your body of work? Before that it was strong, but how do you feel now heading into Selection Day?
DANNY HALL: I really don't know what you want me to say, quite honestly. Other than to just say I think we played a great schedule. I think we have a great RPI. I think we play in a great league.

And I think if you look at -- I would ask you this, how many people go on the road to Virginia and beat Virginia? We played in Miami, who is very good. Played them at home. The one we flubbed up on is Boston College, but I think when draft goes down, I think Don will be a first round pick, one of the best guys we've seen. Anybody that follows baseball knows that you can get beat if somebody is on that day, and he was on.

So I think we play in a tough league. We've won 36 games, playing not a lot of people in the country that win 36 games, so I'll say that. I don't know. I don't know how you want me to answer it.

I get asked the question all the time. It would have helped us if we would have won this game, there would have been no doubt then. If there's doubt now, then there's doubt. I can't control it.

Q. What did you talk to Ryan about after that dropped play in center field? Having the botched play in the outfield? Did you talk to him at all?
DANNY HALL: I didn't talk to him at all, honestly. I honestly thought the script was written for him to kind of redeem himself in the 11th inning. And it didn't happen. I wish it would have. Nobody feels worse than he does. So it would have been nice if we could have turned the tables a little bit and he could have knocked in the winning run, but it didn't happen. It's tough. It's tough. I bet he could have that same play a thousand times and he'll catch the ball a thousand times.

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