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May 27, 2016

Bryce Molder

Fort Worth, Texas

Q. I know the delay got you there. Currently 9-under par. Just get a few comments about your round up to this point.
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, it was kind of tale of two nines even though I didn't finish the second nine. The first nine was really clean, one or two opportunities to kind of -- I needed to get up-and-down and I either knocked it really close or made a bunker shot. Everything was going right. The back nine was kind of that, but that happens. You can't play great golf for too long. But it was a good day. Was able to make some birdies when it was still blowing a little bit to jump out there a little bit, and yeah.

Q. Just one slip-up there with the double bogey. What happened there?
BRYCE MOLDER: Honestly it was five bad shots. I happened to push my tee shot in the trees, didn't have a lot. Hit it up there near the green, misjudged the lie. Didn't hit a great approach from just off the green, left it four or five feet and just hit a bad putt. So it really was a culmination of four or five bad shots in a row.

Q. A lot of the media were talking in the media center about basically it was a composite 59 for you on the front nine out here the last two days. Just comment about that.
BRYCE MOLDER: You know, I thought about that when I was on No. 6 today. I thought, you know what, if I got a couple birdies, that would be a 30. If I got three of them somehow, that would be another 29, and I actually had a really good look for another 29 on No. 9 and just left -- actually caught the edge of the hole. So that was fun. I mean, I wish I could have just turned back around, teed off on No. 1 and just kept going because that side has been really good to me.

Q. Is there anything about that side that really suits you?
BRYCE MOLDER: I don't think so. I think a couple of the more difficult holes, especially No. 5, really fits my eye more than maybe a couple of the tougher holes on the back where it's right-to-left tee shots versus left-to-right tee shots. So that may be it. Sometimes good stuff just happens to happen when it happens.

Q. Lastly, just sleeping on the lead, sort of one of those weeks with the delays and stuff, but your thoughts on holding a one-shot lead right now and three holes to play in the morning?
BRYCE MOLDER: You know, I've always found it actually easier when you have these delays because it doesn't feel like I've got the lead because I haven't finished my round. It's still only during the second round, so that's still way too early to really feel like I'm sitting on the lead. And then we'll turn around pretty quickly and play again after I finish, so that actually makes things a little easier between rounds, but while you're playing it's all the same.

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