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May 27, 2016

Dan McConnell

Brendan McKay

Danny Rosenbaum

Durham, North Carolina

Clemson - 5, Louisville - 3

DAN McCONNELL: Just want to congratulate Clemson. They earned it. They had a guy who almost threw a complete game. Pitched his tail off and I think they hit four home runs. We just didn't do enough.

Like I told my guys in the outfield, it's a regional team, it's a regional host team, and obviously we've got to do a little bit more. After the fourth inning, we just seemed like we couldn't get much going there until the ninth.

Q. It seemed like maybe command-wise, you weren't as crisp as you've been in the past. How were you feeling out there today?
BRENDAN McKAY: I've just got to get ahead. Falling behind, you have to throw fastballs and positive counts for them, doesn't really work out for you, and missing locations doesn't help, either.

Q. What were some of the ways that you can battle through when maybe you don't feel like you have your best stuff out there? How do you battle through?
BRENDAN McKAY: I just focus on working down in the zone, pounding the strike zone. Maybe if you don't even hit your spot, you just make a quality pitch and just work for outs.

Q. You swept this Clemson team at home earlier this year. What are you seeing different out of them right now?
DAN McCONNELL: Yeah, it's a new season. You realize in this tournament, all eight or ten teams are in the regionals, and I did mention earlier, that's a regional host team we played.

So just got to play better. It's a fine line between winning and losing, and we didn't execute in one of those innings there and left a couple runners on, and to their credit, they took advantage and put together some good swings. They have got good hitters.

It's pretty black and white, why those guys deserved to win today. It's just a good team.

Q. What made Schmidt so effective today and how would you compare today versus the last time you saw him?
DANNY ROSENBAUM: I definitely thought his fastball was a little more explosive today than last time. He was really pounding the zone with his fastball and slider, and that's just going to make anybody effective, got some pretty good velo and a good off-speed pitch. And if you're throwing them for strikes, it's going to be tough. You're going to have to put a lot of good at-bats together to get some runs.

Q. Just like last year, you're going to need some help after today with the loss. What's the mind-set going into the next game?
DAN McCONNELL: Just got to learn from it. This is NCAA baseball. You're going to play a team like in that 1-0,1-0 game and hopefully if you're in it, or super regionals or in Omaha. As I look at the stat sheet, they had one walk, and we had seven. Little things that we just need to learn from it.

We got a little frustrated there and thought our hitters just got a little frustrated and pressed a little bit. We've got to embrace and enjoy being in those close games like that, because history shows that's NCAA baseball right there. If anything, we just hope that we can learn from it. I told them in the outfield, we're not going to get caught up with scenarios, and all we can control is how well we come out and play tomorrow. Try to come out and play better tomorrow.

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