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May 26, 2016

Elliott Avent

Chance Shepard

Preston Palmeiro

Durham, North Carolina

Miami - 8, NC State - 7

ELLIOTT AVENT: Just proud of our players and proud of our fans.

Q. Chance, once conference play started you kind of got into a little bit of a struggle. How did it feel to get a hold of one in the eighth inning today against probably one of the best teams in the country?
CHANCE SHEPARD: Felt great. I was obviously just looking for something I could handle right there trying to step up for our team, but Miami is a great team. Obviously they did what they did. Got to just accept it.

Q. Preston, we talked to you after the North Carolina win on Saturday. You felt pretty confidently about what this team had in front of it in terms of the NCAA Tournament. I know there's another game here tomorrow, but what's the perspective looking into what's still in front of this team at this point?
PRESTON PALMEIRO: I mean, obviously tonight was a tough loss, but I don't think anything changes. I mean, our goal is still go play in a regional, go win a regional, advance from there and do some damage in the tournament. This is just kind of a stop for us right now, and we'll put it behind us and we'll be back tomorrow and ready to play.

Q. Elliott, what did you think you guys needed to do here to improve your chances of being the regional host?
ELLIOTT AVENT: I think we're hosting anyway, so I think there's a good chance that anywhere from 12 to 13 teams from the SEC and ACC are going to host, so I think we're hosting. But every game you win I think helps that, but I assume the committee is watching us, so I don't think it's the amount exactly they win. You watch this game, Miami not only may be the best team in the country, they may be the best team I've seen since I've been at NC State.

Q. Elliott, you used quite a bit of arms in the last couple days and you came in kind of short an arm or two. What's it like setting up for tomorrow and going forward from that?
ELLIOTT AVENT: Yeah, we're short a couple arms right now, there's no question about it, but we'll rest a couple people. We're short arms this weekend, and we knew that. That's why I'm so proud of every player on this team, pitchers and position players. They battled their butts off knowing we're short a little bit. But we'll keep battling through. That's what we've been doing the last three or four weeks.

It's been a tough end-of-the-year schedule, and being short a couple players has made it even tougher. That's why I'm so proud of these guys for just how hard they play.

Q. With that confidence and respect to how strong Miami is, what does a loss as competitive as the one you guys just had say for this team?
ELLIOTT AVENT: I think it says exactly what we're talking about and exactly what I think the committee will look at. I think the committee looks at everything and what they've done all year and who we've played and especially our end-of-the-year schedule and how we play these teams, and I think they'll say we're deserving of a host, and if we're not deserving of a host, then we'll go somewhere else and play.

Q. Preston, obviously you guys had a couple of intense memorable games against Miami here the last couple years. First of all, is it fun playing in a game that intense in this kind of atmosphere, and was today just a little bit extra ratcheted up a little bit?
PRESTON PALMEIRO: Yeah, absolutely. Well, every time we play Miami it's kind of like that, it's a battle. But just something about playing them here, it's just back and forth all game and play with a lot of energy. That's why we play the game. You play for those kind of nights where it's back and forth and coming down to the last inning. I mean, just a tough loss, but it was a fun game, you know.

Q. Chance, what did the home plate umpire say to you on the home run in the eighth?
CHANCE SHEPARD: He just told me to run the bases. I mean, it was a big home run so I stood and watched it for a second. He just told me to go ahead and run.

Q. Preston, kind of going off of that, what types of things were said once Miami ended up hitting a home run in the ninth?
PRESTON PALMEIRO: I don't think too many things were said. I know the umpires kind of tried to speed up the process a little bit, told them to get around the bases. But it's college baseball. Emotions, that type of game, back and forth, you know, I'm sure some guys said some stuff. I might have said a word or two. But it's over, and it's in the past. It doesn't really matter now.

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