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May 26, 2016

Jason Dufner

Fort Worth, Texas

Q. You obviously really like this place, history says that. What is it? Why is your game so good here?
JASON DUFNER: I think it's a nice classic golf course. Usually you have to hit it in the fairways, have some different shots. It kind of keeps me interested, to be honest with you. It's not your typical modern bomb it and see where you end up golf course. You have to hit some different shots and curve the ball different ways to play. So it's been a good fit. I'm always excited when I come here to play because I know I can play some good rounds of golf down here.

Q. It was a long day with the interruption in the middle. Did it change much when you came back out after the delay?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, the wind kind of laid down there for us I'd say for about 12 holes. It was pretty windy when we started early today, then we had a delay, then it kind of laid down there for a while, then the last three or four holes it started to pick up. Hopefully it will be nice and windy for the guys this afternoon, and I look forward to playing, whenever that might be next.

Q. Overall your game is so consistent to right now. You've got to be pleased; your game has been really good.
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, I've been playing pretty good for the year. Today wasn't my best stuff, but I did score pretty well, and that's kind of what you've got to do out here, so that kind of makes me excited for the next couple days because I know that I can hit it a little bit better. Maybe my bad day of ball-striking is gone and we can have three good ones going forward.

Q. Five birdies, one bogey for an opening 66 what were the conditions like out there this morning?
JASON DUFNER: Early when we started it was pretty windy, but when we came back after the delay it laid down a little bit, so it was pretty scorable. The fairways are firm but the greens are kind of soft, so it's kind of gettable, but the wind is kind of picking up right now for these guys in the afternoon.

Q. This is an old-school golf course and it seems like it would be perfect for the way you play golf. Do you like the golf course?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, I love the golf course. It's kind of got a good mix of holes. There's some long holes. There's some short holes. You kind of have to curve the ball a little bit and move in directions, and we're almost playing from the same spot, all of us. You can't push it too much on this golf course, so guys with the distance off the tee don't have a huge advantage because there's nowhere to really push it past you. I like those style of golf courses. When we've kind of got to play from the same spot out of the fairway or from the rough, I usually do pretty well.

Q. Talk about your round today. Seems like Colonial suits you pretty well.
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, I like the golf course. I've had a couple seconds, some other good rounds, some other good finishes, so today was a good start. I thought the conditions were a little bit tough this morning, but we got a break with that front kind of passing through and things laid down a little bit, and then the last couple holes they picked up. So I'm happy with a 4-under. I wasn't -- didn't have my best stuff today, but probably one of my better scoring rounds of the year.

Q. Obviously when you get off to a good start like this, what's the mindset for the next three rounds? Do you kind of take it day by day?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, definitely just kind of play it day by day. You never know what the conditions are going to be, how the course is going to be set up, how the course is going to play. So you can't get too far ahead of yourself. I feel like I've been playing some pretty good golf. I had a decent week last week and started off pretty good this week, so it's nice to be here. I've had good finishes. I've had good scores, so I'm comfortable on this golf course.

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