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May 26, 2016

Mike Martin

John Sansone

Cole Sands

Durham, North Carolina

Florida State - 6, Georgia Tech - 1

MIKE MARTIN: Well, Cole gave us exactly what we needed, and that was a good start, a quality start. I know some people may look at a quality start as being six innings. With the way we tried to play this year, if our starter can give us five innings, that's a quality start, because we're going to turn it over to the bullpen.

Jim came in and did an excellent job, and Chas, the nickname, for Haney, Chase Haney, pitched very well. It was a game in which we made some very good defensive plays from the double play that we turned, to the play up the middle in the ninth inning.

But it's always good to get off to a good start. John gave us a base hit first inning. We did a couple of things right. Got a couple of key hits, and all of a sudden it's 2-0.

It's the way to get started. But we knew that Georgia Tech would make a couple of runs, and they did, and we were fortunate in getting a double play. That was a big league double play that was turned by Taylor walls and Henderson.

Q. John, why do you find hitting so comfortably here in Durham Bulls Athletic Park, two home runs? And your teammates seem to like the background or power alleys; what is it that suits you that bring out the best new guys?
JOHN SANSOME: I don't know. We were just playing our game the last couple days, and today, I was just trying to hit my pitch. The last couple at-bats, I was getting out of my comfort zone. The first two at-bats, I was just really trying to pick out my pitch.

Q. Cole, it's your first experience pitching in this tournament. What was it like to be out there today and what was your approach today against that lineup?
COLE SANDS: Just make quality pitches. This is the second time I've thrown against them this year, so I just knew if I made the same pitches that I did before, try and get them to hit my pitch, and knew that I would have a good outcome.

Q. Both games for you guys, you guys scored in the first inning, how important is it for you guys to jump out there and get some runs?
JOHN SANSOME: Yeah, for sure. It's almost like a weight lifted off your shoulders to get on the board first. We just have to keep out working to that knock-out punch in the middle inning and later in the game.

Q. You had had a tough weekend last week against your rival down south and now you have them coming Saturday. Are you in the right place right now, knowing that you have them Saturday afternoon?
MIKE MARTIN: University of Miami is an outstanding baseball team. What they accomplished this year is not a fluke. We know that we've got our hands full. I'm very proud of this team to be in the position that we're in. We're looking forward to competing.

Q. With that said, how much does it help that you guys are in the driver's seat and you guys win, you're in the championship; whereas now you don't have to worry about any other teams winning or losing?
MIKE MARTIN: Well, we are just hoping that we can get a quality start. Tyler Holton will be our pitcher, and he is a guy that, like Cole, is a freshman, and it will be fun to watch him compete with -- not anything to magnify. It's a challenge for him. It's a challenge for us. It's what athletics is all about. As Earl Weaver says, momentum is the next day's starting pitcher.

Q. Any advantage because you guys did so well here last year; do you feel a comfort level playing at this place?
JOHN SANSOME: A little bit. We played here two weeks ago, also. We got the last win there in the weekend. It's baseball and it's a challenge every game you out there, and you've got to focus on each pitch and each game.

Q. You have Cole delivering a quality start today, you have Jackson and Cal in the middle of the batting order, all three freshmen and have contributed for you. What have you seen from them and how important are they down the rest of the way?
MIKE MARTIN: It's been fun watching the maturation process. Cole has shown a lot of mental toughness, because he hasn't been successful every single time he's gone out there, but he's learned from each outing.

Cal is a very fierce competitor. He needs to stop being too mean to Cal. He's a guy that expects a lot out of himself, but he's rough on himself.

Rocks -- excuse me -- Jackson, he is one of a kind. That young man is a tough out. He goes up there, intent, every pitch, and he has, along with Cole and Cal, has a very good future in this game.

Q. What's the sequence in the home run, were you looking for a pitch to drive, or he just threw something completely over the plate like a meatball pitch?
JOHN SANSOME: Eleven (ph) put on the hit-and-run. I was kind of nervous about that. I don't really like the 3-1. But I was really just focusing on hitting anything that was a strike, and he ended up throwing a fastball and I just got a good swing on it.

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