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May 26, 2016

Danny Hall

Trevor Craport

Connor Justus

Durham, North Carolina

Florida State - 6, Georgia Tech - 1

DANNY HALL: We couldn't get a hit when we kind of need it to get back in the game, and then Busby, again, hit a two-run homer and that kind of took us right out of it.

So credit Florida State. Felt like Sands did a good job of keeping us off balance and then boils came in and did a nice job. Haney is hard to hit because he's a side-armer.

A little disappointed in what our offense has done the last two days. Got to feel like we pitched okay to where we could at least be in the games but just haven't hit enough to stay competitive.

Q. Connor, your first at-bat, ten-pitch at-bat, what did you see from your perspective and why was he so effective?
CONNOR JUSTUS: He just kept the ball down, and he did a good job with that all day. First AB, I got a pitch to hit. I was just trying to battle and do the most that I can. Just happened that he left the ball over the middle of the plate. The rest of the game, he was locked in and I think that kind of locked him in and he was hard to hit. We had some pitches to hit. We had some opportunities and we just missed them. So take that in stride and hopefully tomorrow we'll bounce back from that.

Q. Obviously getting into pool play, how do you feel as far as your chances NCAA Tournament-wise and still have a game to play tomorrow?
DANNY HALL: I think we are in great shape just because of our body of work. What I would remind everybody of is Virginia was in a similar situation last year, one to play and game went 0-3, which I hope we don't do, and they won the National Championship.

So I think the league speaks for itself. I think our body of work speaks for itself, and so that's probably the least of my worries right now.

Q. A lot of teams run into a lot of runners in scoring position, and you guys have six runners in scoring position. Is that something that everybody is having at this time of year, have to get that one extra hit to push it in to get that run across?
DANNY HALL: There's no question. I mean, you know, a lot of times, in games, it comes down to making a pitch when you really need to, getting that out when you need to, or getting the hit when you need to.

And the teams that kind of keep doing well are the ones that makes the pitches and then they get the hits when they need to. It's easier said than done. I fully get that.

And, you know, we have played a lot of baseball since Saturday, so doubleheader Saturday and then three games already this week, so I think that five games in six days, tomorrow, will be six games in seven days, so we're kind of in that pro-baseball schedule.

And I don't want to use that as an excuse. Sometimes you might get a little tired, and credit the opposition. They are making some good pitches on us.

Q. Obviously hope for better results but what has this experience been like for you?
TREVOR CRAPORT: First year, getting to play a position, last year I pitched a little bit. We got one game here so, I didn't get the full experience as we have this year. But it's a great place to play and you enjoy the competition. It's always something that makes you better, win or lose. You're playing with a great group of guys, a great stadium, and look forward to continuing playing one more game tomorrow under the lights and then hopefully continuing the NCAA regional.

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