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May 26, 2016

Jeff Brehaut

Benton Harbor, Michigan

Q. This is not a golf course where it's normally gettable. You have to be very patient and strategic. How would you rank what you did today?
JEFF BREHAUT: I was happy with my round. I didn't make any bogeys. I played a little bit more tentatively than I wanted to, but I haven't been playing any tournaments, so that's kind of how it goes right now.

So I'm going to try to convince myself to play a little bit more aggressively, but obviously I was happy with the good start. Scoring is low. So I got to keep the gas pedal down. But, yeah, a good start.

Q. You obviously had comfortable preparation for this tournament as far as being on-site?
JEFF BREHAUT: Yeah, I got three practice rounds with a good friend, Brandt Jobe and Scott McCarron. Played three rounds. So I felt like I needed to do that, because the greens have so much going on that normally I wouldn't play three practice rounds, but I just felt like I needed to do that.

Q. Were they full practice rounds?

Q. Oh, boy.
JEFF BREHAUT: Yeah. So hitting putts to all the locations where I thought the pins might be and hitting shots into those because the greens are, they're crazy, you got to get in the right spot.

Q. Am I correct that you birdied all par-5s?
JEFF BREHAUT: No, I only got the last one. No, I missed the other three.

Q. Oh. I'm sorry. Okay. But you had four birdies?

Q. Okay. And no bogeys, obviously. That's real smart out here. And everybody who knows the course says if you can play to the quadrants that Nicklaus has set up, you're better off. Is that the smart play?
JEFF BREHAUT: Yeah, you're looking at your distances out in the fairway and you're seeing where the pin is and you're trying to say, okay, how do I get to this, where should I land the ball, where do I not want to go.

Because sometimes you'll land on a down slope to a back pin and then it goes right over the green. So you either have to shoot kind of short and land it on the top and then have it funnel down or you have to fly it all the way down there. You have to make a decision. If you get caught in the middle, then you can look like an idiot. But, yeah, there's a lot of strategy.

Q. Did you get the good draw today, do you think, with the weather?
JEFF BREHAUT: I don't know. We'll see what we'll get in the afternoon, but it played a little bit softer. I think we had a decent amount of rain last night so it played longer but you could stop your ball on the greens.

Q. Coming in here, what was your best showing over the last 12 months would you say?
JEFF BREHAUT: Oh, best showing? I haven't hardly played. I got in Boca Raton and I finished like 50th. Before that I got in Newport Beach and finished maybe 40th. I have played very little golf. I've been teaching mostly.

Q. In California?

Q. How long have you been at your facility?
JEFF BREHAUT: I've been teaching about four years. I tried to get on the PGA TOUR Champions. My first year I qualified when I was 49, but they don't let you play until you turn 50, which was June. So, by the time I started to play I only got to play eight tournaments and didn't make enough money.

So I went back to Q-School and missed, so I started teaching more.

And then I went back to Q-School again and missed and then I started teaching more.

So it is what it is. Reality is hitting you right in the nose. So I'm earning a living, I would like to be playing, but I still enjoy teaching and so we'll see what happens this week.

Q. Some people say this is a new lease on life, this circuit?
JEFF BREHAUT: Yeah, it's just hard to get on it. Unless you had a really good career. I played the TOUR for eight years, but I didn't have a good enough career to get to come out here and play full-time. So I have to earn it.

Q. The name of your facility?
JEFF BREHAUT: Sharon Heights Country Club and Los Altos Country Club.

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