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May 26, 2016

Robert Rock

Surrey, England

Q. Thoughts on a lovely score like that to pull you right up that leaderboard?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, 5-under is a good score. Seems that way on the leaderboard. Played good. Somewhat a little disappointed, you have to make the most of your best rounds and that was one of them. I let a couple go.

Q. But overall, it's a foundation for the week and so many positives.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, it's a positive, isn't it. I'll probably feel like that in a little bit.

Q. You haven't properly been up there quite at the top of the leaderboard for a little while.
ROBERT ROCK: No, not really at the top. I've been playing well this year. Quite a lot of good golf but similar things. I guess that's why I'm a little bit frustrated. On my good days, I haven't made the most of it. We'll see. Playing all right, so I'm quite happy.

Q. Certainly don't want to dwell on negatives but what that upset you about particular drops?
ROBERT ROCK: Well, I was in the fairway on probably 13, but a little bit tight on the left side and the shot required a draw around the trees. With a 5-iron, that's probably not much -- I can do it, but I didn't need to, because I was 6-under at the time, I thought I could and paid the price for it. It's a bit dumb because just could have missed the green right and chipped across and had six-foot for par. Some days they go in, as well. I'm angry at myself for trying.

Q. Generally speaking, inspirational, playing at Wentworth where you've had success before.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, it's our best event. I love coming here, so I've got good memories from really when I started my career on the Tour here. Albeit around a slightly different version of the course, which in my opinion is better. But I hear we're going to re-do this after this week, which is a good thing.

Q. Something about the setup that suits you?
ROBERT ROCK: It's the place and I've a lot of friends and family and friends that come here. You get to know them all over the years. It's nice to play in front of a similar crowd all the time, and to play well today is nice, because people watching you. Don't always get lots of people but this tournament you do. It's a special atmosphere.

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