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May 25, 2016

Brandon Cigna

Ben Warnquist

Mamaroneck, New York

Q. Ben and Brandon, what are your thoughts on the week? Obviously very successful, you got to the finals. Exciting week. Just how do you feel?
BRANDON CIGNA: I mean, this is definitely one of the top events of my career. You feel like when you play in these, you know you can probably make it, but actually doing it is I think a different thing. It's been something that -- playing in front of the TV cameras and people cheering for you, I mean, if you don't get excited over that, you don't know what you're getting all riled up about out here. It's been an awesome experience.

Q. Ben, you said this is your first time up here at Winged Foot; is that right? Your father was on the bag all week?
BEN WARNQUIST: Yeah, he hoofed it all week. He was lagging behind at the end, but he did a really good job.

Q. How special is it for you just to come up here and play a course like this with the history, have your dad on the bag, what does it mean for you?
BEN WARNQUIST: It means a lot. Any time my pop is on the bag, and especially at a place like this, we can just kind of stroll around and really enjoy it. Me and Brandon were kind of talking earlier this week that every time we tee it up, it's just a lot of fun. It was a little stressful out there this afternoon, but for the most part, we just had a lot of fun this week. That translated to good play.

Q. We saw you guys make a lot of birdies this week. Relative to par, you guys were way below par for the week, but as the conditions came up this afternoon, the wind picked up a little bit, how much of it was the factors, how much of it could you credit to fatigue, the long week? What do you think were some of the things that kind of came into play here this afternoon?
BRANDON CIGNA: Yeah, I think just a couple shots go a different way -- I had a couple three-putt pars that in my opinion, a couple of those little things, that momentum switches, and I think when you're kind of down a little bit and then you lose some of that momentum, it's hard. It's hard to hit the shots you need to.

But yeah, I definitely feel tired. I only got about four hours of sleep last night. I think physically I feel good, but just wouldn't have minded a couple extra hours of some Z's.

BEN WARNQUIST: Yeah, I'm exhausted. Really even though I'm 23 years old, I feel like I'm 45 or something. I'm very exhausted out there.

But that's to be expected when you're playing this much golf.

Q. Obviously you guys want to soak in this experience, kind of decompress a little bit, but what do you see next coming up with the USGA with an exemption to Pinehurst next year? Are you guys looking forward to playing in that again? What does the future look like for both of you?
BRANDON CIGNA: I think I'll definitely be there if Ben will have me.

BEN WARNQUIST: I'll be there, as well. No breaking up in this relationship.

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