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May 25, 2016

Angelina Kim

Brianna Navarrosa

Streamsong, Florida

Q. First of all, Brianna and Angelina, wonderful job to both of you. I wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful week. Only four players got to the championship match and you played wonderfully all day. You didn't make a bogey throughout the first 18 holes, and you came back from a 2-down deficit. Can you just tell us a little bit about how you were able to come back from that deficit, keep yourselves focused on climbing back and getting even?
BRIANNA NAVARROSA: Like I said before, I was just focusing on sticking my shot and making putts because I know our opponents are really good, as you can see. I just stayed tough mentally and not worry about it because we made it so far. Because our goal, we were already past it.

ANGELINA KIM: Like since we got this far we knew that we could do anything. We both beat like amazing players, and during the morning match we beat first place for our stroke play players, so we knew that we could do it. Even though we were 2-down in the beginning, we just kept thinking that we could do it. We have like tough minds to like go through, so we knew we could go all the way.

Q. I was very impressed with how quickly you two got up. You got your mind made up about a shot, whether it was a shot to tie a hole that you needed, say like on No. 18. Your putt, Brianna, or you folks had many shots during the day where you just had to get up and you just were very focused. How, over a long day of 37 holes, how do you keep your focus so well when there's definitely pressure involved?
BRIANNA NAVARROSA: Just don't think about it. Just think like it's the first day so there's not as much pressure. Just don't put yourself down as much. If you're in a tough spot, just work hard to get that ball in the hole. That's our number one goal.

Q. Angelina, you got a tough break on the bunker on number 17, and you folks looked like you might have a tough time. You managed to come back, make a par there. Brianna, you made a par on 18 there. How far would you say that putt was to tie the hole and keep going?
BRIANNA NAVARROSA: I'd say about 15 feet. But I had a streak going into that hole, three up-and-downs, so that was really important. Then just focus on the read and just hit my spot where I wanted to putt it.

Q. Sure, absolutely. Now on the 19th hole, tough hole. It was from the right side of the fairway it's very difficult to get close to the hole, and I remember the first time you folks played it, you were also over there. So everything kind of bounces and puts you away from the hole. So you had a very tough up-and-down from where you were over on the left side. What were your thoughts on that going on to the green there? You folks had lost the hole this morning, right?

Q. Well, in the first time around. So what were your thoughts from the fairway there? Can you tell me, Angelina, on your shot?
ANGELINA KIM: I just wanted to put it on the green. I knew I was trying to go for a birdie, but I knew I was going to bump and like roll down.

BRIANNA NAVARROSA: There's nothing you can do about it if you're on the right side. But I mean, we gave it a good run, I'll say that. It's actually, I mean, our first time and our goal, we made it really past our goal. I'm happy. I'm fine.

Q. And so, Angelina, when your second putt, you just had a putt there that was a very difficult one because it broke, right? You didn't really have a -- did you have a good line on it or was it a little slower than you thought maybe late in the day?
ANGELINA KIM: I think I was nervous, but I forgot about that they made a par. I knew they had to make that putt to tie the hole, but I should have just gone for it because I was weak, so that's why the ball broke faster. But if I just like hit it, because it's either we win or we go to the next hole, so I should have just gone for it. But I went weak and it broke.

Q. Just a little bit. Yeah, just a little bit. After all the wonderful golf you played, you defeated the No. 1 seeded team this morning, and they were probably a very tough team to defeat, and yet at the same time you folks had wonderful golf that was able to defeat them. What about the morning match was it that you got off to a good start, right and got up very quickly?
BRIANNA NAVARROSA: We started off 1-down.

Q. The first hole, that's right. They did win the first hole and then you got up.
BRIANNA NAVARROSA: The second hole she just stuck it close.

Q. So, wow, that first hole was a tough one for you guys?

Q. All day, huh?
BRIANNA NAVARROSA: The pin location is incredibly hard. But after that first hole we just knew that it will happen, with those type of opponents, anything can happen. (No audio) that's why match play's there so you can bounce back. After that birdie, I guess we just got our momentum and we got a good lead after that.

Q. Now, you obviously were not intimidated by anyone you played against this week and even the top seeded team there, Princess Mary has won a Girl's Jr. They were the top seeded team. They had the best qualifying score, and yet you went out there and played really without any fear, right?

Q. That's wonderful.
BRIANNA NAVARROSA: We were both a little nervous, I guess, going into any match. Because if we lose, of course it's disappointing, but at the same time we knew that we made it. But I'm just really happy we made it to the Finals. That was not our goal. I mean, we didn't expect it.

Q. Wonderful week all around, and you folks played some brilliant golf.

Q. You should be very proud of yourselves.
ANGELINA KIM: Thank you.

Q. Just talk about both your fathers were your caddies; is that correct?


Q. Just talk about how you enjoyed being with them and how they were there for you, the good and bad times?
BRIANNA NAVARROSA: I guess sometimes it can not be enjoyable, because they're dads.

Q. Can you say your dad's names?
BRIANNA NAVARROSA: Anthony Navarrosa.

ANGELINA KIM: My dad's name is Steven Kim. My dad was always next to me, and if I kept like pulling the shot or pushing the shot he would tell me, and he would always remind me what to do, so that was really helpful for me.

If we were 1-down, then he would just like try to cheer me up and just forget about that hole and just focus on your next shot, because your next shot is the most important shot.

Q. Sure.
ANGELINA KIM: So he said to just forget about it and do it.

BRIANNA NAVARROSA: My dad has always been strict, I guess. He's been raised that way. But I guess him being raised that way raised me like that, which is good. I guess him motivating me more is really nice because he gets me fired up and makes me want to stick my ball into the hole. And even though sometimes we're a little feisty out there, I guess, I'd never want to be out there with anybody else besides in I dad.

Q. One last thing, for the comeback you folks made. The 11th hole, you came back and won that hole to get to 1-down, correct?

Q. Can you tell me how you were able to do that?
BRIANNA NAVARROSA: Because that hole's really far, it's about 420, and especially for us, it's kind of hard. But I guess they both went over into the downslope where it's a tough putt. And Kaitlyn, she went over, and after she went over and after they went down, I guess we had to make par. And I left my putt short for birdie, but they missed for par, so that was a relief. After that we just got ourselves up after that, like we had hope.

Q. Then the 14th hole you drew even?

Q. Tell me about how you did that.
ANGELINA KIM: 14th hole is the par-5, right? 14th hole was really unexpected because when Brianna hit her second shot.

BRIANNA NAVARROSA: We thought it was in the bunker.

ANGELINA KIM: We thought it was in the bunker.

BRIANNA NAVARROSA: But it hit the rake, I think. It might have hit the rake.

ANGELINA KIM: It hit something, and then it was up there. Then I was in a good position and she was in a good position, so we just had to putt it like close to the hole to make birdie.

BRIANNA NAVARROSA: You chipped it really close.

ANGELINA KIM: Then Brianna kind of went past it and then she made her putt.

BRIANNA NAVARROSA: I made a putt for birdie.

Q. How far was that putt would you say?
BRIANNA NAVARROSA: I'd say about 9 feet, yeah.

Q. Well, that was an amazing comeback. Wonderfully played all week for both of you, and we appreciate your time all week.

ANGELINA KIM: Thank you.

Q. We hope to see you both back next year. Any thoughts about next year, 2017? You are both, because you have reached the final, obviously you're eligible to return next year. Have you thought at all about it? It's probably a little early because it's a full year away. But do you have interest in coming back next year and competing?
ANGELINA KIM: Of course we do.

BRIANNA NAVARROSA: Of course. After this tournament I realized we can do anything. Individually and as a team, so this really is a confidence booster. Even though we lost it, I'm happy and I'm fine.

Q. You should be happy and you should be proud. What's next on the golf calendar, the golf horizon for you two this summer? Any particular event you're pointing to?
ANGELINA KIM: I have Rolex Invitational in New York for AJGA, and then I think we're both playing the KPMG Stacy Lewis Invitational.

BRIANNA NAVARROSA: I'm hoping to play Junior World for the upper division, and in August I'm going to France for the Evian Junior Cup.

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