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May 25, 2016

Danny Hall

Matt Gonzalez

Ben Parr

Durham, North Carolina

Miami - 4, Georgia Tech - 0

DANNY HALL: Tough first inning for us. Got behind the 8-ball early and then I thought that when we brought Ben in, he did a tremendous job of kind of limiting damage in the first inning and then pitched outstanding moving forward. And we just couldn't quite square up will he pore, I think that's how you say it. I may have said it wrong. But we couldn't square him up.

Felt like we had a chance in the sixth inning. I probably took a gamble, and I would probably still take it again on a 3-0 pitch with Tristin English, letting him swing, and I think he flew out or popped up. And then Craport, 2-0, I think popped up again or flew out.

Felt like that was our chance to try to get back in it and then to our credit, we get the tying run to the plate in the ninth inning. It's hard to score on Miami late. I think Bartow is a really good and Garcia has been a great pitcher in our league for three years running now. Hard to get him late but we did have a chance, and to Garcia's credit, he got us out.

Q. Inaudible.
BEN PARR: I was just trying to limit the damage in the first inning and then try to save our bullpen a little bit because we have two games back-to-back, just going out there trying to execute pitches. My defense was really behind me today. Made some great plays to get me out of innings. Can't say much more.

Q. Obviously not an easy lineup to face over there. What do you make of their lineup and hitters and how do you approach them?
BEN PARR: Well, they have a lot of lefties, so that played into my strengths, lefty, lefty. They take some big swings, so you just have to kind of trick them a little bit more than other teams, especially if you get behind in the count.

Just executed some pitches and like I said, some guys made some unbelievable plays throughout the whole game, and it's just how it went.

Q. What was will he pore doing against you guys to be so effective? What were you seeing?
MATT GONZALEZ: I think he was changing speeds very well, and I think he was throwing three pitches for strikes whenever he wanted and just kept us off balance today. Yeah, I think you have to tip the cap to him. I think he hit pretty much most of the spots he wanted to hit.

Q. Just how important is it to have Ben and save the bullpen for the rest of the tournament and how do you see the pitching situation playing out?
DANNY HALL: It was huge for us. Particularly you get behind early, you get a chance to go through a lot of pitchers but he really ate a lot of innings for us. We are sitting here in good shape in terms of number of guys we have available to throw.

You know, playing two more really good teams, Florida State is really good, NC State is really good, so not going to be easy. But we'll focus on Florida State and try to keep them from scoring on us and hopefully we have a better day offensively tomorrow.

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