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March 22, 1995

Gabriela Sabatini


Q. Gaby, did you sense that Rachel was pretty nervous in that match?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Not really. I mean, I didn't know if she was nervous. It didn't seem like it.

Q. Not even in the early stages?

GABRIELA SABATINI: No, not really. I thought she had a plan and she followed it. She was trying to come in when she had the chance and I didn't see her being nervous at all.

Q. How would you describe your confidence in your serve right now? You had some good placement at times; other times you had five faults in a row at one point.

GABRIELA SABATINI: Today was not as good as yesterday or the last few days. I lost a little of my concentration at some points, but I was still able to be in control of the match, you know, when I needed to put the first serve or second serve, I was able to do that.

Q. It has been said you seemed to be going for it on your first and second serves, that is what you have to do; is that fair?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Sure. Sometimes I have to do that on the first serves and second serves, too, like couple of times I served over 90, something like that, seconds serves, sometimes I need to do that just also to loosen up my arm and my serve.

Q. Gaby, you have had a number of different coaches over the last three years and they all seem to have a slightly different personality, almost like you have to adjust to a new person every time you get a new coach. How does this affect the progress in your game, changing coaches?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Well, obviously you try to be with the right person; you try to look for the right person. It doesn't matter how different they could be. If it fits my personality and if he has the things that I need for my game, then it will be fine. And that is what I have been looking for. If I change coaches very often it is because there was something that, you know, I wasn't happy 100%.

Q. Next match, Gaby, is against Kimiko. You played a pretty tough match against her in New York. What are your comments and thoughts going into that semifinal?

GABRIELA SABATINI: I think this court is good for me because the bounce is high and I can play very well, my topspin and, you know, she doesn't like to change, if I change rhythm, she likes pace and I am going to have to mix the game a lot, do a lot of different things.

Q. She said that you had a little advantage there because the crowd and the local fans were on your side?


Q. McQuillan. How do you feel about the local fans here?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Sure. Sure. The crowd is behind me. It has been behind me and this is like home for me, so a lot of people already know me, you know, from this place, from Key Biscayne.

Q. Do you really enjoy playing here at the Lipton?

GABRIELA SABATINI: I really enjoy it, yes. The stadium is beautiful and it is really comfortable to be there. I live a few blocks from here, so it can't be more convenient.

Q. How do you feel living here in Miami?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Good. I don't spend much time here. During the year I am probably a month, a month and a half total, so it is not much time, you know, I am more here when I play tournaments and then off, maybe a couple of weeks, so it is not much, but I really love it a lot.

Q. Gaby, looks like Monica might be coming back. What are your thoughts about any accommodations that should be made for her as far as seeding and ranking?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Well, it is the first time I heard this that she might come back. If she decides that, I think it is going to be very good for women's tennis. If she decided that, it is because it is going to be it is what she wants and it is going to be good for her too, and, you know, we will all be waiting for her.

Q. What about the seeding and ranking issue?

GABRIELA SABATINI: It is a little bit hard to, you know, to say what she should be getting. You know, on one side, it is fair to give her, you know, a good seed and then on the other side, she has been away for a long time, so, you know, after so many years, you know, because of that, probably it is not fair to give it to her.

Q. Have you come to the stage like maybe a lot of people that have heard so many of these rumors and suggestions that Seles is going to be making a comeback; it is a case of believe it when you see it?

GABRIELA SABATINI: I guess so. Yeah, because a lot of people have been saying that she is going to come back and after now she is not, so, you know, until she is really coming back, you know, it won't be true.

Q. Gaby, yesterday Steffi said after she played that she thought she played as close to the best as she can. Do you think other players - I mean, you can speak for yourself - when they hear that, is that intimidating or do you just block it out? I mean, that thought of seeing Graf back at the top of her game has to be something to see, but I don't know how a player thinks when they hear it.

GABRIELA SABATINI: No, it is not intimidating at all. You have those days where you play great tennis, and you have those days where you don't play that great tennis. If she is on, then you got to find a way of how to get them to get her out of her rhythm, but it is not intimidating at all.

Q. Do you think your attitude is typical or do you think it is the fact that you have victories over here in -- have you changed over the years?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Probably that has a lot to do, that I beat her many times and that gives me extra confidence playing against her, you know, I know I have the game to beat her and I haven't played her for a long time, so it will be interesting, you know, if I could play her, you know, at some point.

Q. Does it make it more special?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Any moment -- any match against Steffi is very special.

Q. How do you feel your game is now this year, are you playing as well as you have this year?

GABRIELA SABATINI: I think much better, much better than before, than last year. I started to play well at the end of last year and winning a tournament, that definitely gave me a lot of confidence because I needed to win a tournament and I am feeling very good. I feel all my strokes are feeling very comfortable; confident; and I feel they are improving.

Q. Are you playing the best now than you have in 1995 even when you won the tournament?

GABRIELA SABATINI: Yeah. Much better. Better level.

Q. You are not iced today or did you already do that? Are you better?

GABRIELA SABATINI: No, I have to do it. You don't miss anything.

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