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May 25, 2016

Mike Martin

Taylor Walls

Dylan Busby

Durham, North Carolina

Florida State - 7, NC State - 3

MIKE MARTIN: That was just a heck of a ballgame, well played on both sides. We happened to get some key plays. The play that Taylor made up the middle saved us a play. The play that Sansone made saved us a run with a possible two runs. Just a heck of a play that Dylan made to come up with the ball, and of course his big two-run single to tie the ballgame up kind of relaxed us and just very proud of the way we played.

We hung in there. We fought. We didn't panic. And any time you can win a game, I mean, we want to call this neutral, okay, it is. But at the same time, there were a not of North Carolina State people there, and they did a good job of making it feel like it was their home game.

So my congratulations to them. It was a good turnout. We're very pleased that we were fortunate to come out with a win.

Q. You spoke a little bit about Sansone's play to take the hit away from Chance Shepard. How crucial was that, especially being able to keep them in check before you come up in the 8th?
MIKE MARTIN: One of the key plays to the game, no doubt about it, the way John never flinched. He never took his eye off the ball the whole time he was moving to his right.

And to catch a back-hand line drive, a lot of times the ball is going down, and he did a tremendous job of staying with it and making the play for us.

Q. Could you feel at a certain point or a certain moment in the eighth, could you feel the momentum shifting towards you or anything changed or that happened that got the momentum in your guys's favor?
TAYLOR WALLS: I think Nick Graganella's at-bat did that. To come in a pinch-hit situation, trying to get a bunt down, move the runner to third. He has a very good at-bat and ends up drawing a walk, and then fortunate enough to load the bases up and blow the inning open, so I really think that at-bat was very key.

Q. Let's go back to the late innings for you guys, especially the last series of the regular season and now here today, you guys coming back in late innings. How much confidence do you guys have, even down a few runs there late in the games?
DYLAN BUSBY: We are starting to get that back and that's a good thing. I mean, playing ballgames late, it's never good to be down. But we're coming back and fighting, and that's all we can really ask, and coming out on top is a good thing.

Q. What's the status on DeLuzio? What was going through your head when he slammed into the wall?
MIKE MARTIN: It was very unusual because normally with a padded wall, when you run into it, you might jar yourself. But he was bleeding, not in one place but two places.

Our trainers and the medical personnel here at the stadium did an excellent job of patching him up, and he didn't want to leave the ballgame, and had a couple of good at-bats.

I mean, the bunt that he put down, with the way that he handled that situation, shows what kind of athlete and teammate he is, because he was close to needing stitches.

Our people, as I said, the medical personnel at the stadium here did a good job of stopping the bleeding and allowing him to finish the game. And it was a heck of a bunt he put down there in that inning after Greg's tremendous at-bat. Just repeating what Taylor said, DeLuzio put that bunt down, and that also was a big part of the game for us.

Q. You talked about starting to get it back, that kind of confidence in the late innings, the whole thing. Obviously you guys didn't have the strongest finish in the last three conference series of course, but was there any kind of refocusing between the end of the regular season and now? Was there any adjustment in your approach or mentality or anything like that?
DYLAN BUSBY: Just going out there, swinging, getting the right swing on the right pitches, swinging at the pitches you should swing at and take the pitches you should take. That's what the big thing to us is is scoring runs and winning and doing what we should do. Coming into today, we swung at some more pitches we should swing at and took pitches that we should have taken, so that worked out well.

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