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May 25, 2016

Elliott Avent

Andrew Knizner

Josh McLain

Durham, North Carolina

Florida State - 7, NC State - 3

Q. Andrew, how do you play yourself out of this, losing the first game, and starting in a hole here in pool play now?
ANDREW KNIZNER: I don't think it changes our mentality going into the next two games. We are going to prepare just like how we prepared for this game. Go out there and play good baseball and hopefully come away with two victories.

Q. Obviously an uphill battle from here, and to stop those urns like you saw in the eighth, what's the plan?
ELLIOT AVENT: I really don't understand the question. I don't know what, the uphill battle you're talking about, but we're trying to win a National Championship. So we're just trying to play good every day, trying to get better every day. I thought we played pretty good today. Obviously we didn't play perfect, so there's always things you can work on.

But this just about winning the ACC championship. It's about winning the National Championship. We're just trying to play well, so I'm not sure the uphill battle you're talking about.

Q. What types of things are you trying to do at the plate and what do you feel like you had success with today?
JOSH McLAIN: Usually I'm just bottom of the lineup, looking for fastballs again a lot of times. I got one there at end but I couldn't keep it fair. That's really what I'm looking for, fastballs to drive in gaps, try to get on second base, get me to third and score runs.

Q. You guys haven't seen Miami since you beat them here last year. What do you expect to see from them tomorrow?
ANDREW KNIZNER: I expect to see a good team. Miami, they are always a good team, well prepared. I expect a high-energy game, being the primetime game at seven o'clock. Should be high energy, should be fun. Be a good game.

Q. What is the pitching plan moving forward for tomorrow, and could you talk a little about Cory's performance today?
ELLIOT AVENT: I thought Cory was outstanding. I thought he gave us a chance to win, and like I say, when it was 3-1, felt like we could have had a couple more runs, which you need against a team like Florida State.

But he set the table for us perfectly, and that -- just the hit that tied it up there in the seventh. Thought we were out of that jam. To get that to tie it up. But I thought Cory was outstanding.

Q. What about tomorrow?

Q. Looked like the fifth and the seventh inning, there were some opportunities right there. You kind of went to a couple small ball looks, trying to course across one run. Is that kind of a pivot point you've seen in the offense, and leaving eight runners on base, is that something you're going to talk about?
ELLIOT AVENT: Well, Shepard is a great hitter and he hits the ball extremely hard, like he hit in that double play, he smoked that ball. But he's also a great bunter. He's much more versatile. We had just bunted the ball to get the runner home and first baseman showed he was going to bare-hand it again and try it again. It was Brock Deatherage at third; now that was going to be a tough deal to do.

So Shep had the opportunity to bunt the ball to first or to third. With Sansone so deep, I wish he would have chose third. But he doesn't get that bunt down and that's why we went to that. If we get that bunt down and make it 4-1 and another guy in scoring position, that could have been a big difference.

Q. What does Josh offer you at the end of the lineup? I know I asked the question to him earlier but what does he offer you at the end of the lineup, being there?
ELLIOT AVENT: He's not an end-of-the-lineup hitter. It's just we got a good ballclub and he spent a lot of time at the beginning of the lineup, as well. But he broke his hand at Georgia Tech, and he's a guy that's playing with a broken hand. I don't know too many people that could do that. I've had a couple players do it in the past. It's not an easy thing to do. He's just that tough-minded.

So we're just down there because you never know the next at-bat that's going to bother him. He came back a little quicker than we anticipated and a couple at-bats gave him some discomfort in past series. So he's just down there mostly for that reason. He's not a bottom-of-the-order hitter at all.

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