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May 25, 2016

Ben Warnquist

Brandon Cigna

Mamaroneck, New York

Q. 202 was the yardage?
BRANDON CIGNA: Yeah, we factored a little bit less because it was down win, but the actual yardage, we kind of had a different number in mind. I was sitting like a 170 shot to be honest, but it might have been 190 or so.

Q. How big was that, with those guys in there?
BRANDON CIGNA: Well, for me I had some rough holes. I was kind of trying to get up-and-down for four or five holes in a row for par, so I felt like I was due to hit a good one.

Q. Ben, when you said you had 145 on 18, what was it you hit in here to kind of sale the match?
BEN WARNQUIST: I chipped a pitching wedge. It was a little downwind and didn't quite want to hit it full, just in case I hit it over into the gallery. Just choked on it and hit a good one.

Q. I don't want to say it's déjà-vu, but again, 3-up there on 15, coming down 18, what --
BRANDON CIGNA: People keep birdieing 17 on us.

BEN WARNQUIST: Yeah, we kind of -- we got sloppy on a couple holes on the back. We bogeyed two in a row, so that was a little uncommon, I guess. Those holes we can definitely make birdies on, but you know, we hang in there, we definitely felt comfortable coming down the last with a 1-up lead. It seems like every match we've done that.

BRANDON CIGNA: Yeah, every single one.

Q. You guys had four birdies on the front. What's going to be the plan to get off to a hot start in the finals?
BRANDON CIGNA: Just make a couple putts, just keep doing what we're doing.

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