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May 24, 2016

Danny Hall

Tristin English

Brandon Gold

Durham, North Carolina

Georgia Tech - 6, Boston College - 0

DANNY HALL: Excellent game. I thought we played really well. Brandon pitched outstanding. Matthew Gorst came in and threw really well, and we were able to just scratch some runs here and there. Obviously the home run was helpful for us today. But felt like we played a really clean game against a really, really good team that gave us all we could handle last weekend.

Q. The Boston College coach was in here raving about your ability to prevent runs, even though you gave up some runs. But when it came down to it, you got the outs to keep them off the board. What's your approach in those situations? What's your mind-set when those things happen?
BRANDON GOLD: Honestly, try not to be too perfect, making quality pitches, trusting the defense behind me, and luckily they hit it right to my defense most of the time today, so that was huge. Just making quality pitches, not getting too caught up in the moment with a runner on base, just any normal situation.

Q. What was the mind-set for you coming out there today? Did you get the sense that you guys were playing for your season at this point? Do you feel like you were pitching with the season on the line?
BRANDON GOLD: Absolutely. Especially, you know, it's weird playing these guys again after we played them the last weekend; so a huge chip on our shoulder.

You never like somebody coming into your place and taking a series from you the last weekend of the season. We had a huge chip on our shoulder today, played great baseball and came out with a victory.

Q. Tristin, curious your thoughts on that, too, about playing them once again after they took the doubleheader from you on Saturday. Probably didn't set well with you over the weekend.
TRISTIN ENGLISH: No, it didn't. We had to watch them celebrate on our field. They had to beat us to get into the tournament. Watching them dog-pile on our field was not a good feeling. So we definitely came in with a chip on our shoulder and had to get back at them.

Q. Obviously Brandon has been doing this all year for you guys. Just what's the confidence level like when he's out on the mound for you, and what do you see from your perspective from what he's doing out there?
TRISTIN ENGLISH: On defense, you know he's going to go out there; he's going to fill up the strike zone; he's going to challenge hitters. You're always on your toes expecting the ball to be hit to you.

Q. What are your pitching plans now for the rest of the week now that Brandon is used up today?
DANNY HALL: I think we are going to throw Gold and Gorst again tomorrow (Laughter.)

I don't know. We're going to have to piece things together. I know we're playing Miami, but when we get back, I'll sit down with our pitching coach and kind of come up with a plan for the rest of the week.

We honestly didn't want to look past this game. Felt like we needed a win, and that's why we pitched Brandon. He did a tremendous job; and used Gorst.

So now we've got to look and say, okay, how are we going to map out the next three games the next three days and see what our best strategy is to try to win those games.

Obviously Miami is up first, and you know, not an easy task for an outstanding team. So we've just got to figure out what's your best strategy to try to beat Miami.

Q. Coach Gambino was talking about how Gorz's numbers are almost literally unbelievable with the ERA so low. What makes him so effective for you guys?
DANNY HALL: Throws a lot of strikes. Came up this year with a cutter, and his cutter has been really hard to hit, and he can throw it for a strike.

But over and above his stuff, he's a good competitor. He likes to be in the middle of tough situations, which a save situation is. But he's throwing a lot of strikes and I think the cutter has just really been a pitch that he's added to his arsenal that has allowed him to get a lot out.

Q. How do you like hitting in this ballpark, and what did you see on the home run there?
TRISTIN ENGLISH: The ball flies a little bit here so, it's always fun. Short porch in left field, big wall, just get it up in the air. I had pitches to hit the whole game. Didn't really get any -- or I didn't really make good contact with many of them. Luckily I got another chance after that pop-up down the left-field line and he threw me the same pitch again. See it twice, hit it farther (Laughter.).

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