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May 23, 2016

Peter DeBoer

St. Louis, Missouri: Game Five

San Jose – 6
St. Louis ‑ 3


Q. The four teams that are left, their ability to protect third‑period leads, in that regard, how big was Pavelski's first goal?
COACH DeBOER: It was a huge goal. We've been good in that situation all year. I thought we played with a lot of poise. Jonesy is there to make a big save when we needed him.
I thought we were a little loose in the first period. A little loose both ways. We had some chances to score some goals. We gave up nine shots.
But the last 40 minutes, I think we gave up 12 shots the rest of the game. I thought our team game was really good over the last 40 minutes.

Q. The bounce‑back ability your team has shown in the playoffs after a game you didn't like, what is it about them that they do that?
COACH DeBOER: Well, they're a smart group. They're a veteran group. The most important thing is they understand our identity as a team. When we get away from it, we get burnt. We've had one of those games each round. In the L.A. series we had one. We had one against Nashville. We had one in this series.
Hopefully it's out of the way. Every time we've reset. The guys have got back to our game. When we're playing that way, we're hard to beat.

Q. What is it like for you as a coach to watch Joe Pavelski do his thing, deflecting pucks? Do you shake your head?
COACH DeBOER: Yeah, it's incredible. You think back to some of the best scorers ever. His ability to get his stick on pucks in the offensive zone, in front of the net, different angles, is as good as anybody I've ever seen.
But it's a great lesson. He works at it. He works at it every day. He gets Burnsy or one of the other D, gets them to fire 100, 200 pucks. I'll watch him from the boards with the other coaches. He'll get a piece of every single one. It's something that he has worked at.
It's a great lesson for kids out there that want to play. You have to work at those things to become really good. He's got some God‑given ability, too. His biggest asset is he works at it.

Q. A bit of a struggle for both goalies, but made some saves down the stretch.
COACH DeBOER: That was a tough goalie game. A lot of action in spurts. Grade A chances. I thought he made some big saves at the right time.
We talked between the second and third, if he could shut the door, we really felt we could win the game. He did that.
Didn't matter how we got to that point. He came up big at the right time.

Q. You've been to a Cup Final. Most of your players have not. How do you deal with the next couple of days with the carrot so close?
COACH DeBOER: I think we're reminding we're not there yet. There's a lot of heavy lifting left. We know the team on the other side there. They're not going away. We've been close before and let teams off the mat.
It's a great opportunity for us, but there's a lot of work left to do before we can start thinking about that.
Thank you.

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