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May 23, 2016

Haley Moore

Dewi Weber

Eugene, Oregon

THE MODERATOR: We're fortunate to be joined this evening by the runners up in a great tournament so far. We'll get started with some opening statements from each of the student-athletes and then we'll take questions from the media. Dewi, we'll go with you first. Talk about the four days here in Eugene and what it took to get an 8-under, 280, outstanding tournament for you.

DEWI WEBER: It's been a great experience. These four days have been so much fun. The course is great, great conditions. The greens are amazingly fast yet fair, so that was awesome to play on. I think I can be happy with the score I made. My minus-6 was the highlight of the week, obviously, yeah, and I'm pretty happy with what I did this week.

Q. Haley, talk about your four days here, obviously being a freshman and just the kind of experience you've had.
HALEY MOORE: This experience is probably one of the best I've had throughout my whole freshman year here. Just playing this awesome course. What was fitting my game well was the fast greens, really good conditions of the course, and it was playing pretty fair out there and I was pretty happy with all my rounds. I stayed pretty consistent and this will be an experience that I will never forget.

Q. Haley, talk about the course. What were some of the biggest challenges for you?
DEWI WEBER: Some of the challenges would be placing the ball in crucial places where if there was like a hill on a green you need to make sure you get over it like on the par-3s are like false fronts, and if you don't get it up you could roll down into the water.

Q. Dewi, obviously you're a freshman, as well, your experience here to be able to have the score you did here over the last four days. Talk a little bit about that, as well.
DEWI WEBER: I think what made me do well this week was definitely putting and my approaches. As Haley was saying, you have to be very precise with your approaches. You have to be in the right spots on the greens, and I did that well throughout the week, and I was able to make the putts that I had to make, like the birdie chances I created for myself, I made those putts, and that's how I got to those scores.

Q. The learning experience that you had here, what will you look to build upon from this experience and also look to get back here next year?
DEWI WEBER: I guess the mindset I had going into all these rounds was shoot minus-3 or lower. I tried to create as many birdie chances as I possibly could. I was actually like chasing the birdies and par wasn't good enough for me, so I guess that mindset worked for me. It gave me that little extra edge to be more focused on some of the shots where on this course you have to be more focused, so I guess taking that experience with me in my upcoming tournaments.

Q. Haley, as you looked at your score, did you have a goal coming in over the four days of the score you needed to get to to be in contention?
HALEY MOORE: Knew that through the practice round, I knew that there were a lot of holes here where you can score and that there's holes where you just need to get out of there with par. I would say that going this low would be good, but like the first day, when I shot 68, that kind of got me going through the next couple days, so that was good.

Q. Dewi, how does a performance like this springboard you into your sophomore season at Miami?
DEWI WEBER: I guess I try to take the experience of just having that mindset as the most important thing I've learned all week, trying to chase that birdie, don't be satisfied with a par, but obviously as you were saying, there are some holes here where you can be satisfied with a par, where you just like have to play smart, and if you make par, you can actually get in front of the rest of the field. So I guess play smart and try to chase those birdies is something I will definitely take with me to my sophomore season at Miami.

Q. Having your teammates alongside of you on the course and not having them with you on the course but as spectators, how was that different?
DEWI WEBER: It was obviously very different. I'm used to like waving or asking how they're doing, maybe to get a little bit of tension out of here and focusing on someone else. I couldn't do that today, but they were there for me for the whole 18 holes. They were supporting and like yelling and that kind of stuff, which was fun. It was different, but for me it was fun. I know they rather want to be out there today, as well, but they were awesome in supporting me. I loved every second of it.

Q. Haley, take us down the stretch. Obviously as a team y'all were trying to stay where you could make the final eight. Take us through your mindset as you came down the last few holes and what you were trying to get accomplished.
HALEY MOORE: Knew that I didn't really know where we were, but I had a good scoring going and I'm like just try to keep making pars because everything was going to count coming down the stretch. We knew that a little bit it was going to be tight so we can't make mistakes, or if we do, don't let it bother us, we just try to make up for it.

After I made bogey, I had to like regroup, made a good par save on 6, and then 7 just got a little unlucky, and then 8, almost holing out for eagle, that just gave me my confidence back, and hole 9, almost chipping it in for birdie to tie was almost, but I'm pretty happy. Like I know my team was there for me, and yeah.

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