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May 23, 2016

Andrej Sustr

Tampa, Florida: Practice Day

ANDREJ SUSTR: Yeah, that was obviously a tough game for us. We lost by quite a few goals, so we want to make sure we take the right steps to not let that happen and play our game and hopefully close out the series here at home.

Q. How much do you kind of not want to get caught up in that moment?
ANDREJ SUSTR: Yeah, I think this year we're just more experienced. I think guys know what to do, and hopefully we learned from that last year, and we're going to be able to, like I said, close it out at home.

Q. Do you have to block out that you're one win away from getting into the Stanley Cup finals?
ANDREJ SUSTR: Yeah, sometimes the last game to finish everything off is the hardest. I think, if we're going to play like we did in Game 4, we're going to need to come out pretty strong and carry it through the whole game, that's going to be key for us too to be successful.

Q. Su, what's the biggest improvement in your game from this time last year?
ANDREJ SUSTR: As a team?

Q. You yourself personally.
ANDREJ SUSTR: Just more mature, obviously. I have another season under my belt and having experience from the playoffs last year. The long run benefits you as a player. What do you have to do? You've got to be aware, when you're on the ice, who's playing against you, and just playing your game and be comfortable with being out there and supporting the rush like I've been trying to lately. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue doing that.

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