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May 23, 2016

Jason Garrison

Tampa, Florida: Practice Day

Q. Gary, last year you guys were in this exact same spot, and you had a coming-back-home Game 6 against the Rangers, and it didn't go so well. What happened last year, and what do you sort of plan differently this time?
JASON GARRISON: Other than the obvious that happened last year, it's kind of one of those games you want to forget right away. So I can't recall too much. I know we came up flat, and in this league, you can't get behind that many goals, especially in a playoff game. We've got to make sure that that's not the case tomorrow.

Q. Is that just a mindset of making sure you realize that you still have work to do here?
JASON GARRISON: Yeah, I mean, the series isn't over. That's the mindset that everyone has to have. We've got to focus on tomorrow night, turn the page from last night, and focus on tomorrow and put our best game together.

Q. Gary, take us through that last goal. Did you see it go off of Johnson?
JASON GARRISON: I mean, I didn't see it go off him, but it was just our fours did a great job putting pressure in, and Kucherov found himself near the blue line there and created some space for everybody and gave it to me coming down. I was just looking for far side, and Johnny was going hard to the net there, and it's a lucky bounce. That's -- those are the goals that are most likely scored in the playoffs.

Q. Considering the way he plays, are you at all surprised that two days after he got a puck to the face, that he was standing in front of your slap shot?
JASON GARRISON: It was a wrist shot, but yeah.

Q. Sorry.
JASON GARRISON: No, not surprising at all. No, not at all. He's a warrior. He toughs it out, as you guys can tell. So that's -- you know, that's the way he plays. He's a hard worker, super competitive. Like I said, it's not surprising.

Q. What's the key in trying to sabotage that stretch pass game (inaudible)?
JASON GARRISON: I mean, it's -- yeah, it's a tough thing to do. You just kind of manage the puck well and be on their defensemen as much as possible, make them force the play up the middle or whatever it is, if not make that clean pass out. For us as defensemen, you've got to have a tight gap on their forwards and try to limit them picking it up clean or making a move, and just being there and surrounding them in all areas.

Q. Jason, we've heard time and time again that we always see you guys when you're down or whatever the situation may be, that there's no panic in your eyes. What is it that keeps this team positive? Is it just the personalities on the team, or what is it?
JASON GARRISON: Yeah, I think it's just the personalities on the team. We have a great group of guys, and we've been through a lot together so far. Guys know we can win and that we can beat any team in this league, and we've proven that. We've just got to make sure that we all stay focused each game.

Q. Guys are talking a lot about learning from last year. Is there more last year that you learned other than just Game 6 of the conference final?
JASON GARRISON: Yeah, every series and every game you learn something, and you go through a roller coaster of emotions and different situations. So whenever that happens, I think it's the teams that do well that are the teams that learn from those experiences.

Q. Jason, how much has the penalty kill been credited to this team's success, in this series in particular?
JASON GARRISON: Yeah, they have a very strong power play, a lot of skilled players. So a penalty kill for us is big. First and foremost, we don't want to take the penalties that we have been, but you know they're going to make plays. They're going to switch things up. They're really dynamic. You've just got to make sure you stay on top of your game, you stay focused, and when you get the clears, you get the clears. When we're able to pressure, you pressure. But it is. It's a tough job out there.

Q. You've played with Sustr for a while now. What do you think about the way he's jumping into the play? He likes to be aggressive, as you know.
JASON GARRISON: No, he's definitely playing his best hockey right now. He jumps in the play a lot, which is awesome. He's a tall guy. He can see the ice well. So hopefully, more of that to come from him and hopefully a few more back door goals for him.

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Q. Are there any lessons from Game 6 against the Rangers last year that you can kind of take into this series?
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