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May 23, 2016

Danny Hall

Durham, North Carolina

DANNY HALL: Well, we're excited to be in the tournament. Certainly look forward to playing Boston College, who we just played three times, and is an outstanding team and did a tremendous job of winning their way into the tournament this weekend.

We look forward to it, and are anxious to get in there and start playing.

Q. What are your plans for pitching starting tomorrow?
DANNY HALL: We'll pitch Brandon Gold. It's win or go home. He's going to be the starter.

Q. Obviously I'm sure you guys were hoping to avoid this team. Is there any disappointment to manage or watch out for? What's your sense of how they are feeling?
DANNY HALL: No. You know, we had an opportunity this weekend to try to avoid it, but some other teams won, which would have made it almost impossible for us to get in there in the first six.

So now we've got to play the hand that's dealt to us, and that starts tomorrow in a play-in game, which we've done before.

Q. To that point, you've been there before, so is that some help, do you think?
DANNY HALL: I don't know about help. But it's a one-game playoff to try to get in the tournament, and that's all we need to focus on and concern ourselves with.

Q. What's your feeling about where you stand in regards to the NCAA Tournament?
DANNY HALL: Well, if we're not in the NCAA Tournament, that's the crime of the century. I think we're the No. 1 ranked RPI conference. Our RPI is in the top 20, and I think if you look at the number of top 25 games, I think that we are either have played the most top 25 opponents, or we're very close to playing the most top 25 opponents, and I think that goes a long way.

So in my mind, you know, we could get ten or more teams; we deserve to get ten or more teams in the NCAA Tournament.

Q. Going into this game, your opponent you just met in a series this past weekend. How favorable does it make it for you to look at the mistakes that you had, make adjustments and play this win or go home game?
DANNY HALL: Well, there's probably not going to be any surprises either way, whether it's us looking at Boston College or Boston College certainly looking at us.

They have an outstanding pitching staff, and I think that's one of their strengths. I don't know that you ever look forward to going against a team that has an outstanding pitching staff, but I think that's their strength and they played very well here this weekend.

So you know, you don't have any doubt of what's getting ready to come your way, and it's just a matter of going out and executing what we need to execute to have some success.

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