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May 23, 2016

Stephen Curry

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Practice Day

Q. What's the mindset like right now with the unknown, I guess, as far as Draymond [Green] for tomorrow's game?
STEPHEN CURRY: I don't know. We're going to watch some film this afternoon, figure out what we can do better, and that's it. To me, obviously that is a pretty easy decision, so hopefully it's taken care of and we get ready to play tomorrow.

Q. One of the things that you guys were good at, great at last year, was defending without fouling. But they have lived at the line in two games. Why do you think that is?
STEPHEN CURRY: I think a lack of discipline at some stage. We have certain fundamentals that you want to play defense with to avoid fouls. And then they've been a little more aggressive, I think, in certain situations. But really that six-minute stretch in the second quarter when we missed a lot of quick shots and they got in transition and got to the foul line, all that combined was the difference in the game. We're not going to panic when it comes to what happened last night.

Q. That six-minute run that you were just talking about, do you feel like you guys let the emotion of the moment sort of get ahead of you? Obviously, their crowd really responded to what happened with Draymond.
STEPHEN CURRY: Yes and no. Obviously, if we make a couple shots and give them a reason to sit down maybe, if the fans are speaking up, maybe that helps us gain some momentum. It was just a snowball effect from start to finish.

I don't really know. I haven't watched how things unfolded the three or four possessions after the foul or whatever. We'll kind of check that out, and know that they're capable of big runs in this building. We have to limit their easy opportunities in transition, make them work on defense and let your offense allow your defense to set up. We didn't do that.

Q. When you guys are in a run where you're maybe taking some quick shots or some bad shots and they aren't going in, how do you correct it? Are there certain plays you run? Is it just a matter of coach saying, Calm down?
STEPHEN CURRY: Somebody's just got to take control of the situation. I think we individually were so competitive in that moment that we wanted to do something about it and we didn't allow ourselves to work together. A little bit of that is kind of that human nature, just wanting to get your team out of whatever rut it's in. But the way we do that is, like I said, moving the ball and making them defend and looking for the better shot. Obviously, we make tough shots all the time, and we might not be talking about this had a couple of them gone in.

But you've got to understand in the playoffs on the road, there's a fine line between winning and losing. Obviously, that six-minute stretch, where things did not go our way for the entire run, has us down 2-1. We've got to understand that going into Game 4.

Q. Draymond, after he had a poor game, Steve [Kerr] talked about how he reacted. In the Houston series, he obviously had a poor game in Game 3, came back and played very well in Game 4. How does he emotionally respond when he plays poorly?
STEPHEN CURRY: He's mentally strong, so nothing that happened last night is going to affect Game 4 except light a fire probably. You can look at trends and all that. In the Houston series, he was able to understand what he needed to do differently. He's a very smart guy. He has a great eye for the game. I think it matters to him a lot to have an impact on the game. He'll find a way.

Q. Does this 2-1 deficit feel different from the ones you've faced in the past just because of who they are and what they can do?
STEPHEN CURRY: No, it feels the same. We know what we have to do. It's Game 4, we have to win. We'll do whatever it takes to get that done. Obviously, they're a different opponent and have different strengths. But when it comes down to it, we've got a game plan for how we're going to win, execute it for 48 minutes, be a tougher team, be a harder-working team and get it done.

We've done it two times already last year. That was a good experience for us. Obviously, you can't just come out and show up and think it's going to be easy to get it done, but we know what the mission is in front of us.

Q. You missed a wide-open corner three, which you almost never do. You missed the free throw. When those things are happening, what's going through your mind?
STEPHEN CURRY: Everything's magnified in that situation, when literally nothing's going our way for four straight minutes and then I get an open look, and I miss and the crowd goes crazy, then they get a rebound and go down in transition. It just adds to how out of control it was for us in that second quarter.

That's basically it. Especially when you're on the road, they feed off of that. It won't affect us tomorrow. We're going to be ourselves, execute what we need to do and hopefully we make those shots tomorrow.

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