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May 23, 2016

Kris Letang

Tampa, Florida: Practice Day

Q. Kris, just how confident are you guys that you'll be back here for a Game 7?
KRIS LETANG: Well, I mean, we know the recipe. We know what to do. I think we proved it during that series that we're able to beat that team and playing the right way.

Q. Kris, you talked after Game 4 about needing to keep your composure, keep calm. Do you think, with a game like this, you, Sidney, Evgeni, Marc-Andre need to really show that type of composure from the very first drop of the puck to sort of calm everybody who might have some nerves in that room?
KRIS LETANG: I think we have to come with a mindset that we're going to play the right way, and obviously, the guys that you named are the leader of that -- the leaders of that team. So we just have to play our game, like I said, and we know the recipe. So there's no other trick than that.

Q. Kris, there was a minus 4 next to your name yesterday. Was that indicative of how you feel you played or was that not?
KRIS LETANG: That's a standard. I certainly didn't feel like that to look at it, but break down the film, it's a team game. Some night I will get plus, and I don't do anything out there. But certainly, I have to be better, and I have a chance to prove it tomorrow.

Q. Kris, what can you do differently against Vasilevskiy that you guys haven't done in this series?
KRIS LETANG: I think we can shoot more. I think every shot is a good shot, and as soon as you get traffic or a guy around the cage, he has a chance to score.

Q. Do you feel like you guys lost momentum on that power play after you guys went up 2-0 and had a chance to go up 3-0? How do you keep that from happening again?
KRIS LETANG: It's just a mentality. Going on a power play, you have to want to shoot the puck and make sure you don't try to create any plays, just simplify. Playoff goals, they're not pretty. They're around the cage, and you have to get the puck there and battle your way through it.

Q. Kris, what's the right way to play with the lead against this team?
KRIS LETANG: You play the same way. Can't have turnovers in the neutral zone. You play north. Same recipe that gets us the lead, you have to keep doing it.

Q. Should there actually be more focus on Kucherov and Johnson, I mean, on all five guys on the ice when you're going up against them?
KRIS LETANG: Well, I mean, you have to be aware of when they're on the ice. They're a really good line. Lots of skill, a lot of speed. So, yeah, of course.

Q. Kris, you faced elimination games before. What's the confidence level of this group getting into Game 6?
KRIS LETANG: I mean, we're pretty confident in the assets that we have. Just the fact of playing 60 minutes and playing it the right way, I think we'll be good.

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